Lexa’s Exotic Meta Variants Collection Review

NFTs are taking over the internet day by day. New creators and artists jump into the metaverse and give their ideas to the world. Hand drawn pieces, photography, generated art, the possibilities are edless. Lexa’s Exotic Meta Variants Collection is new to the metaverse and ready to join your collection.

Lexa’s Exotic Meta Variants Collection is perfect for new and experienced collectors. This collection has great designs perfect for collectors looking to add more neon and saturated pieces to their gallery. Not only that there are so many different designs collectors will have the ability to purchase more then one. But what are they all about?

“Lexa’s Exotic Meta Variants Collection [LEXMC] is a 10,000 piece collection featuring the likeness of the the Recording artist “Lexa Terrestrial” of Pittsburgh. The collection is made of over 500 different hand drawn frames randomly generated to create a incredibly stunning collection of images with NFT utilities “Out of the box”. The collection will release in limited quantities, in order to load test the the applications being created such as their own rarity calculator! The collection will be open for bids and offers on opensea which is nice because opensea is a safe, reliable and easy to use trading platform. But the devs also say if you want to get unreleased NFTs from this collection and get the full minting experience, you can mint one for 30 MATIC from their minting dapp!”

Lexa’s Exotic Meta Variants Collectionis having a launch part in the metaverse on September 30th. Be sure to follow them on social and check out the link to the party to learn more. Create your own personal avatar that represents you and join them on their release party. Learn more about the collection and party in the video below:

If you are interested in this collection be sure to support them. Check out all their links to see what they have to offer. Over on social media and discord you can stay updated about release dates, designs, and even interact with the community and creators to give your thoughts on their work. Support them today you will not regret it!

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