Education on Cosplay | Sask Expo Regina 2023

BY: Troy Kramm What better way to learn about Cosplay at the 2023 Sask Expo than to have a chat with the Canadian Cosplay Champ himself, Kid Remington.  I will be the first to admit that I really didn’t understand the appeal of Cosplay. What’s so great about wearing a costume? Anyone can do that right? Well.. maybe I was wrong. Thanks to Kid Remington and his squad of costume wearing brethren, I was given a lesson in Cosplay that I will never forget.  I now know there is so much more to Cosplay than “just wearing a costume”. That is only a part of it, if you ask Kid Remington. Remington, who has been donning joker facepaint for 15 years, gleefully describes what it means to be a Cosplayer and goals he has accomplished during this time in the scene.  “I have already done way more than I ever thought

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