Education on Cosplay | Sask Expo Regina 2023

BY: Troy Kramm

What better way to learn about Cosplay at the 2023 Sask Expo than to have a chat with the Canadian Cosplay Champ himself, Kid Remington. 

I will be the first to admit that I really didn’t understand the appeal of Cosplay. What’s so great about wearing a costume? Anyone can do that right? Well.. maybe I was wrong. Thanks to Kid Remington and his squad of costume wearing brethren, I was given a lesson in Cosplay that I will never forget. 

I now know there is so much more to Cosplay than “just wearing a costume”. That is only a part of it, if you ask Kid Remington.

Remington, who has been donning joker facepaint for 15 years, gleefully describes what it means to be a Cosplayer and goals he has accomplished during this time in the scene. 

“I have already done way more than I ever thought I would. I have been able to dress up as the Joker and make people happy” said Remington. “For me, I love the costuming, but I am a connoisseur of people. I wanna find out what makes you tick and what your passions are. I hope that after you have met Kid Remington I have made your day better” he added.

When talking to the man who is so passionate about Cosplay, you would never think that he was once hesitant to get out there and be who he is today. 

“My first convention I didn’t really want to go. I thought the only people who would be dressed up would be Star Trek fans and I didn’t want to be a Trekkie. I was worried and it really was a badge of courage to dress up as the Joker for that first time and come out and get such a great response.” said Remington.

That reaction from individuals is what makes it all worthwhile and it is a key reason why Remington continues to do what he does. He, along with numerous others make fan Expo’s such as this more colourful and entertaining. 

Another of those colourful characters that could be seen regularly here was Quelsie Cosplays. Much like Remington, she also shared the feelings of hesitancy when putting herself out there. 

“Cosplay is so common nowadays, but when you start you will feel like people are going to laugh at you” she said. “Yah they probably will, I still get weird looks if I’m dressed up out in public and people will take sneak pictures, but I am here to have fun and they are there to have a sour time” she added with a laugh. 

Quelsie has never let any negativity ruin her love of this hobby. She continues to see it as a way to help define her and step out of her shell. 

“Outside of the costumes I am very introverted” she mentioned. 

When in character she has been able to overcome body confidence issues, fears of public speaking and in general become better at dealing with social situations. 

Although only Cosplaying since 2017 she has become a force in the scene with numerous costume wins since she has started. Quelsie added that her sewing skills have become so much better and she has learned a lot by creating costumes, which has even become a family affair as her father helps make 3d printed weapons and items that she thinks can help elevate her costume to the next level. 

Levels of cosplay can vary for everyone. And that is what makes cosplay FOR everyone. “Cosplay is what you make of it” said Remington. “Everyday I get to do this is a gift and I enjoy the hell out of it” he added. The way he and others carry themselves at this convention clearly show that they take pride in Cosplay and are enjoying it.

I learned alot about the love that costumes bring to people and how this hobby can increase confidence and self esteem to those involved. Remington and Quelsie were gracious enough to take me into their world for a brief period of time and I cannot thank them enough. Who knows, maybe I’ll be in costume at the 2024 Sask Expo.

You can see more of their work online by following their social media accounts:

Kid Remington Twitter (It’s still Twitter to me!): @kidremington, Instagram: kidremington 

Quelsie Cosplay Twitter @QuelsieCosplay, Instagram: QuelsieCosplay

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