“Christmas at Marisol Bay” Review: A Cozy Winter Tale

What’s up, visual novel fans? Ryder here, getting into the holiday spirit with a review of “Christmas at Marisol Bay” by LegendEx Games. This game is like a cup of hot chocolate on a snowy day – warm, comforting, and just the right amount of sweet. So, let’s unwrap this festive package and see what’s inside. Looking for more visual novel reviews? Check some of these out: A Heartfelt Sequel in the Marisol Bay Universe “Christmas at Marisol Bay” is a delightful sequel to “Summer at Marisol Bay,” crafted during the Winter VN Jam 2020. If you were a fan of the summer story, this Christmas-themed side story is a must-play. We’re back with Kyro, who usually spends Christmas Eve with his family, but this year, things are shaking up. Kyro and his sister Nova find themselves celebrating at Liam’s house, along with Wyatt, Mrs. V, and her grandson, Stellan.

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All Ages of Geek Simple Curved Second Line Green