4 Cute Coffee Games on Itch.io!

Hey coffee lovers I have a fun list of 4 games you can play on Itch.io all about coffee! Now let’s get energized!

Cappuchino Spoontforce Deluxe VI – Girl of the Boiling Fury

“Hurl sugar cubes at a girl bathing in coffee… She’s had better baths. A Gameboy-style arcade game about the short tempered girl Sajiko trying her best to enjoy a relaxing bath in a cup of coffee. Try adding as many ingredients to the Coffee as possible, without letting it get cold. Hitting Sajiko with Milk and Sugar awards bonus points for your highscore, but it will make her angry, so let her calm down before she snaps.”

Some Like It Hot: Chapter 0

“You just started as the newest barista of The Java Joint, a quaint café, run by the ever peppy Terra U, that would love to offer nothing more than a quiet corner for anyone in need of a hot drink and a seat. Though it’s a lot to juggle learning your new job, with its complex caffeinated concoctions, and new relationships with the cafe’s regulars, the Java Joint starts to feel like more than just a source of caffeine. However, when Terra gets an offer from a longtime friend that could jeopardize the cafe, the bitter taste of reality puts your new life on the line.

Your decisions on and off the job will be what determine the future of the coffee shop. Some Like It Hot! Will you find Brew Love?”

Brew Crew! 

“Using a new micro-brewing cauldron she invented, Maple the Squirrel can brew up bubbles of coffee, tea, matcha, and hot chocolate, all together! But without her friends helping, her dreams of opening up a little cafe might be impossible. Can Maple and her friends convince a bullheaded investor to take a risk on this new tech, or will they just end up blowing bubbles?”

Cozy Cofee

“You play as an Barista called Cofee, you work on a chill fall day. Your costumers need a coffee and a good talk.”

Enjoy the list I hope you find a new game to play soon! Check out All Ages of Geeks upcoming game too!

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