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Anime NYC 2023: Fate Grand Order Panel

Fate Grand Order lands in Anime NYC after years of popularity with its ever-growing fan base through shows and the popular mobile game. Joining on stage with thousands of fans in attendance were voice actors Haruki Ishiya and Kengo Kawanishi as well as producer Albert Kao and FGO’s second section director Kanou Yoshiki. The panel went into the first time that Haruki and Kengo got into Fate Grand Order while also showcasing some new features coming to the game for the rest of the year.  Haruki and Kengo started the panel by talking about their visit to New York and their favorite characters from the series. Haruki mentioned that this was his first time traveling overseas while Kengo mentioned he had visited the States before. When it came to favorite characters, Haruki picked Mashukiri as she’s a strong character with a giant shield. Kengo chose Merlin as his favorite after getting to play

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