Inside Look: “Astro Duel 2” with Wild Rooster at PAX 2024

At the bustling PAX 2024 event, we had the opportunity to sit down with Wild Rooster, the visionary behind the eagerly awaited “Astro Duel 2”. This game is shaping up to redefine the boundaries of sci-fi combat by merging the thrill of top-down space battles with the intensity of on-foot platforming action. Wild Rooster shared insights into the game’s development, unique features, and what players can expect!

Unique Gameplay

“Astro Duel 2” stands out with its mix of space flying and ground fighting. The game lets you pilot a Nano Fighter that changes from ship to combat mode seamlessly, making every battle unpredictable and exciting.

Game Modes and Features

Wild Rooster highlighted several key features:

  • Versus Mode: Up to 6 players can battle, with options for playing against bots.
  • Co-op Adventures: In Bounty Mode, players team up to complete missions.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Cash Grab mode tests your team’s strategy as you collect resources and buy upgrades.
  • Diverse Arsenal: From heavy cannons in space to on-ground combat tools like shotguns and grenades.

The Vision Behind the Game

Rusty Moyher, known for his previous works like the original Astro Duel, brings his expertise to this game, ensuring a blend of fast-paced action and strategic depth.

Choose Your Ship

Each ship in “Astro Duel 2” has its own special ability, making the choice of ship crucial to your strategy. Whether you prefer warping through space or drilling through enemies, there’s a ship for you.

Engaging Combat

The game’s strategic elements, like using destructible environments and deploying tactical items, add depth to battles, requiring players to think and act swiftly.

Join the Battle

“Astro Duel 2” is shaping up to be a must-play game for space combat and platformer fans alike. With its innovative gameplay and exciting modes, it’s a game to watch out for.

Wishlist “Astro Duel 2” on Steam to be part of the action when it launches. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure in space and on the ground at PAX 2024 and beyond.



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