The Deck of Many Things: A Fumbled Roll or a Chance for Redemption?

Oh, Wizards of the Coast, what’s the deal? You had one job: make the Deck of Many Things a reality we could touch, feel, and potentially regret using in our next campaign. But alas, here we are: no physical cards, just a press release. Let’s slice this loaf of dwarven bread and see what went awry, shall we? Quality Over Quantity First, let’s give credit where credit is due. The company did the responsible thing by delaying the physical release. If my Deck of Many Things isn’t practically glowing with eldritch magic, I don’t want it. Bent cards? Misprints? Not on my watch—or my gaming table. Wizards of the Coast is aiming for excellence, and who can fault them for that? The Digital Lifeline For those who managed to snag the physical and digital bundle, the electronic gods have smiled upon you. At least you get to mess around with

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