3 Dungeons and Dragons Kickstarters Worth Supporting This Easter

Looking for more Dungeons and Dragons projects to support on Kickstarter? Kickstarter has become a treasure trove of creative adventures waiting to be brought to life. And there’s a basketful of campaigns that are just too good to ignore. From cunning heists to icy expeditions, here are three Dungeons & Dragons Kickstarter campaigns that are sure to spice up your game nights.

“Rogue’s Gambit: The Night of the Crimson Veil” – A Heist of High Stakes

Step into the city of Pamor, a place bubbling with wealth and danger, where the streets whisper of intrigue and treachery. “Night of the Crimson Veil” is not your typical dungeon crawl; it’s a heist adventure designed for 6th-level characters who love a blend of cunning strategy and bold actions.

The city’s fate hangs by a thread as corrupt officials and shadowy monsters play a high-stakes game of power. With new monsters like the vomerepede and the manipulative Krol, adventurers will need to be on their guard. This digital campaign promises a thrilling narrative packed with rich detail and the potential for epic storytelling.

Get ready to dive into a world where every choice could be the difference between glory and doom. The reward tiers offer everything from a PDF of the final product to the chance to contribute to the game world by naming and describing an NPC.

“Monster Tactics: Guardians of Winter” – A Tale of Ice and Strategy

“Guardians of Winter” offers a chilling journey into a frozen valley where skill checks, puzzles, and strategic combat await a party of 5th-level characters. Face the storm, navigate through illusions, and challenge the guardians of a secret portal.

The story unfolds with Zima, a powerful sorceress, and Vuk, a noble warrior whose love and sacrifice resonate through the icy caverns. This one-shot adventure promises to engage players with its depth of lore and the strategic might of its antagonists.

With over 15 pages of content, including new spells, magic items, and monster stat blocks, this adventure is perfect for those who seek a challenge and love to immerse themselves in the lore of the game.

“Titans’ Ruin” – An Epic Saga Awaits

The teaser for “Titans’ Ruin” hints at an epic adventure that’s ripe for exploration. It’s designed for a party of characters levels 5-10 and promises a struggle for survival amidst the remnants of Titan’s Edge, now known as Titan’s Ruin.

The digital adventure guide suggests a story of relentless monsters terrorizing a city, where inhabitants face the harsh realities of their world. With the promise of new monsters and quests, along with illustrations and a guild hall rebuild, “Titans’ Ruin” is shaping up to be an expansive campaign for those who love a good fight and a gripping narrative.

Each of these Kickstarter campaigns has something to offer the DnD universe with new stories and challenges. Whether you’re looking for a complex heist, a strategic battle against the elements, or an epic tale of survival, supporting these creative endeavors not only brings new experiences to your table but also supports the passionate creators behind them. Happy adventuring!

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