Exciting News: Paralives Early Access Coming 2025 with FOREVER Free DLC!

Get pumped! Paralives is dropping early access in 2025, and guess what? All DLC is FREE! Build your dream house, craft characters, and live your best virtual life! Don’t miss out on the hype! Create your own paradise! With Paralives, you’re not just playing a game—you’re shaping destinies. Whether you’re a master architect or a […]

Kickstarter’s NSFW Content: A Call for Separation

Hey there, geeks and Kickstarter creators! Let’s talk about Kickstarter, the go-to platform for indie creators, and a little issue that’s been bugging a lot of us lately. It’s about the mix of content specifically in the comic section. You’ve probably noticed it too – a hefty serving of NSFW comics sitting right alongside SFW […]

3 Dungeons and Dragons Kickstarters Worth Supporting This Easter

Looking for more Dungeons and Dragons projects to support on Kickstarter? Kickstarter has become a treasure trove of creative adventures waiting to be brought to life. And there’s a basketful of campaigns that are just too good to ignore. From cunning heists to icy expeditions, here are three Dungeons & Dragons Kickstarter campaigns that are […]

Sword Art Online: 10 Moments That Truly Stand Out

“Sword Art Online”, often known simply as SAO, has been a topic of much debate in the anime community. The majority of my articles here on All Ages of Geek will be focused on series like “Sword Art Online ” along with Light Novels since the majority of articles about Light Novels tend to focus […]