Strongest Tower of God Character?

‘Tower of God,’ where each floor unfurls new mysteries and formidable foes, debates often arise about the most powerful denizen within its walls. Amongst a cast of characters where each individual wields power that could easily dwarf that of an entire army, one name frequently emerges at the apex of these discussions: Phantaminum. Phantaminum is wrapped in the shrouds of ‘Tower of God’ mythology. Classified as an “Exis,” his narrative significance is as mysterious as his power level. Described as a being whose might is not bound by the very fabric of the Tower’s reality, he embodies the concept of a deus ex machina, an omnipotent force with unfathomable capabilities. Though his appearance in the series is scarce, the impact of his actions lingers throughout the Tower. His feats, such as his unprecedented invasion of Zahard’s inner palace, left both the residents and readers in awe. In a world where

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