Strapping In for the Ride: The High School Kamen Rider Initiation

Highschool is the time of our lives when we discover ourselves, forge enduring friendships, and, for some of us, fall head over heels into the fascinating world of Kamen Rider. If you’re not in the loop, imagine Power Rangers, but trade the spandex for leather and the Zords for motorcycles. It’s a wild ride, and here’s what diving into this fandom during those formative years is like. The Discovery Phase It starts innocently enough. Maybe a friend passes you a USB stick with “WATCH THIS” scribbled on it, or perhaps you stumble upon a YouTube clip with a guy doing a henshin (transformation) so cool it makes transforming robots look like child’s play. Next thing you know, you’re 20 episodes deep, and your social media feeds are a shrine to your newfound obsession. The Secret Language Then comes the lingo. Words like “henshin” and “Rider Kick” infiltrate your vocabulary. You

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