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Nintendo’s Live-Action The Legend of Zelda Movie: Will It Be a HIT or MISS?

As a die-hard Nintendo fan, I’ve got some mixed feelings about their live-action adaptation of The Legend of Zelda. I mean, sure, the idea of seeing Hyrule on the big screen is pretty cool, but let’s be real – video game movies in live action haven’t always hit the mark, you know?

They’ve tapped Wes Ball, the guy behind the Maze Runner trilogy, as the director. And with Shigeru Miyamoto as a producer, that’s a promising combo. Miyamoto did a decent job with the Super Mario Bros. animated movie this year, so maybe Zelda will be great too.

But come on, we’ve all seen our fair share of cringe-worthy game-to-movie adaptations. I’m hoping they don’t mess up the fantastic world of Hyrule and its iconic characters.

Nintendo’s partnering up with Sony for this one, which is interesting, but I hope they keep a tight grip on the creative wheel to make sure it feels like a real Zelda adventure.

Miyamoto’s saying it’s gonna take some time to put this whole thing together, and honestly, I’d rather they take their time and get it right than rush it.

So yeah, I’m cautiously hopeful about The Legend of Zelda movie. Fingers crossed that Nintendo pulls off some movie magic and gives us a Hyrule-worthy adventure that doesn’t leave us facepalming like some other game-to-film disasters. Until then, I’ll be keeping an eye out for updates and hoping for the best.

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