Nintendo’s Live-Action The Legend of Zelda Movie: Will It Be a HIT or MISS?

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As a die-hard Nintendo fan, I’ve got some mixed feelings about their live-action adaptation of The Legend of Zelda. I mean, sure, the idea of seeing Hyrule on the big screen is pretty cool, but let’s be real – video game movies in live action haven’t always hit the mark, you know? They’ve tapped Wes […]

The Deck of Many Things: A Fumbled Roll or a Chance for Redemption?


Oh, Wizards of the Coast, what’s the deal? You had one job: make the Deck of Many Things a reality we could touch, feel, and potentially regret using in our next campaign. But alas, here we are: no physical cards, just a press release. Let’s slice this loaf of dwarven bread and see what went […]