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Epic Nostalgic Adventures Await You!

Firstly, immerse yourself in unparalleled anime reaction sessions with All Ages of Geek Patreon. From edge-of-your-seat action sequences to heartwarming narratives, we’ve meticulously curated content that satisfies every anime enthusiast’s cravings. You’ve got the Stec Sisters reacting to your favorite shows. It’s epic!

Anime Reactions, Movie Reviews and Dungeons & Dragons Galore!

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While you’re here also embark on a nostalgia-fueled journey with our exclusive movie and cartoon reaction series. Whether it’s revisiting the classics that shaped your childhood or exploring the latest blockbusters, our Patreon page is your ticket to endless entertainment.


Moreover, stroll down memory lane with our nostalgic talks segment. It’s all about celebrating the golden era of geek culture, discussing timeless treasures, and uncovering hidden gems that have stood the test of time.


Join us on thrilling Dungeons & Dragons adventures. Our DnD reaction sessions are a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with perilous quests, mystical spells, and camaraderie. Perfect for veterans and newcomers alike, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.


Finally, by joining the All Ages of Geek Patreon community, you’re not just subscribing to content; you’re unlocking a gateway to an exclusive universe brimming with geek culture. From behind-the-scenes access to community engagement, it’s all here, waiting for you. Also you’re supporting an independent project so saying you love indies just got way cooler!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is your backstage pass into the creative world, offering exclusive content from your favorite creators. Think of it as the secret club where all the magic of geek culture unfolds, just a click away. By joining, you’re not just watching; you’re directly supporting artists and creators, ensuring that the stream of awesome content—from anime reactions to nostalgic talks and everything in between—never ends. It’s not all about the content, though. Patreon offers a treasure trove of exclusive perks like early access, special episodes, and behind-the-scenes peeks that are available only to patrons. More than a platform, Patreon is a community where fans and creators unite, share, and celebrate their passions, making every contribution meaningful. Why wait? Dive into the best of geek culture and be part of this exclusive journey with Patreon.