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Join All Ages of Geek’s Patreon to dive into reactions to anime, cartoons, movies, and DnD. Enjoy commentary on your favorite nostalgic shows, movies, and books, brought to you by a fun sister duo. Watch honest and real content, take part in exclusive polls, and join the vibrant community Discord. Plus, you can request the content you want to see. Get all this and more, supporting creators who keep it genuine and engaging. All the support on Patreon goes back into funding All Ages of Geek who supports independent creators around the world!

The Patreon Tiers

For just $1, participate in polls and join the Discord community. A great way to connect and have a say in future content.

At $5, you get early access to monthly content. Perfect for fans who want a sneak peek at what’s coming up next.

For $10, get early access to weekly content. Stay ahead of the game and enjoy All Ages of Geek’s latest videos before everyone else.

For $30, you receive 2 reaction requests of your choice. Ideal for those wanting a say in the reactions without a huge commitment.

At $100, enjoy 5 reaction requests of your choice. This tier is great for dedicated fans looking to influence the content lineup.

For $200, you get 10 reaction requests of your choice. Perfect for those who want to see their favorite content come to life with All Ages of Geek’s unique spin.

Make a Custom Pledge!

Want something unique that’s not listed in our tiers? Make a custom pledge and get exactly what you’re looking for! Contact All Ages of Geek to discuss your personalized options and discover the exclusive perks we can offer just for you. Tailor your support to fit your interests and enjoy a truly customized experience. Get in touch and let’s make something awesome together!

Why Support us?

By supporting All Ages of Geek’s Patreon, you’re backing an indie media source that champions and showcases indie content creators, voice actors, animators, and game developers. We provide interviews, support, and exposure for these talented individuals, helping to grow the indie community. Your support enables us to continue creating genuine, engaging content and giving a platform to those who need it most. Join us in nurturing creativity and passion in the geek world!

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