All Ages of Geek Mushroom Rain

“Mushroom Rain” Interview with Jamie Green

Have you ever wondered what it takes to dive deep into the world of illustrations, shape-shifting your emotions into art, and navigating the evolving demands of creativity? Today, we have a treat. We’ll uncover the journey of an artist who, trust me, is a visual maestro. From anime-inspired beginnings to mushroom rain dances – this tale is as colorful as their portfolio. Grab your sketchbook and favorite pencil, and let’s dive into Jamie Green’s world. What was your path to becoming an illustrator? The genesis was a combination of having a creative parent who exposed me to art/making from a young age, as well as growing up with cartoons and anime. I knew pretty early on that I wanted to go to art school, ended up doing that at Ringling College of Art + Design, got my BFA in illustration and graduated in 2020–what a year to start in the

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All Ages of Geek Simple Curved Second Line Green
All Ages of Geek Simple Curved Second Line Green