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“The Geekoning” Podcast mainly focuses on interviewing indie game devs and voice actors but the crew talks with all forms of creatives. Our goal? Suppoorting all independent creators around the world.


An Interview with Hippo Havoc the Creators of Disaster Golf | The Geekoning Podcast

We had the pleasure of chatting with the folks from Hippo Havoc all about their game Disaster Golf. Be sure to check out the game on Steam and check out their other links HERE! Learn more about them on VoxPop Games! ABOUT DISASTER GOLF Disaster Golf is a new, fast-paced take on golf that requires you to react on the fly. Experiment with many combinations of natural disasters to navigate the golf ball through wild and diverse courses as fast as you can! ABOUT VOXPOP GAMES VoxPop Games, Inc., is a New York based game development and distribution platform. VoxPop primarily caters to independent developers who may not have the marketing budget to pursue traditional advertising and hiring as a model. Developers can use VoxPop to find collaborators using a percentage of their future profits, recruiting everything from programmers and artists to build the game, to influencers and celebrities to promote their products.

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Creatives it’s your time to shine!

Welcome to The Geekoning Podcast, your ultimate cheat code to the minds behind the screens. This is where indie game devs get to grab the mic and tell their tales of pixelated triumphs and glitchy trials. Ever wonder what fuels the fire of these digital dreamers? Because you’re about to find out. Let’s welcome voice actors, indie animators and just all around independent creators. This is where we bring the more human side out of creators to showcase who they are not just what their work is out. It’s always open mic night on “The Geekoning” Podcast. And now you’re invited!

Indie Game Dev Interviews

Dial-up the excitement as we dive deep with the coolest indie game devs from every corner of the gaming universe. From solo programmers coding in their basements. Small teams crafting the next big indie hit. We’re all about shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes of the gaming world. It’s raw, it’s real, but it’s a little bit rebellious—just how we like it.

Get ready for a wild ride through the creative process! The highs of a successful launch, and also the lows of debugging that one line of code that just won’t cooperate. Our indie game devs and guests share their insider tips, their most epic facepalms, but most importantly what it really takes to bring an indie game to life. It’s the kind of wisdom you won’t find in any strategy guide.

Indie Game Devs Matter Here! 


Inspired by the indie game devs we interview? Got a question you’re dying to ask? This is your platform to dive into the indie gaming scene and maybe, just maybe, find the inspiration to start coding your own indie adventure.

So, grab your headphones and hit play. The Geekoning Podcast is your backstage pass to the indie gaming world. Every episode is a new level to conquer. Let’s blast some tunes, celebrate indie game devs, and keep the spirit of gaming alive and kickin’. Welcome to the party—you’re in for a heck of a ride!