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LIP! Lewd Idol Project – Lewd Game Review

Let’s dive into the neon-soaked streets of Akihabara with “LIP! Lewd Idol Project”. Imagine being Kairi, this bubbly and bright-eyed girl who’s just packed up her life with dreams of hitting it big in the idol scene. Think of her as your overly optimistic friend who thinks she’s just one lucky break away from becoming the next viral sensation. “LIP! Lewd Idol Project”Play the game on Itch.io The “LIP! Lewd Idol Project” Plot Thickens with Ranko Things start off tough for Kairi, with rejection after rejection—enough to make anyone pack up and head back home. But just as she’s about to call it quits, she runs into Ranko. Now, Ranko is the kind of character who’s seen it all, and she’s got this vibe that screams “I’m going to teach you the ropes, whether you like it or not.” When Ranko introduces Kairi to her project, the Lewd Idol Project,

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