Another 9 Yuri Visual Novels the Play!

Hey there, Ryder again, bringing you the scoop on some Yuri visual novels. Emotions, challenges, and romance. Let’s jump in and see what each of these titles has in store for us!

Red Rebellion

Set in 1450s England, “Red Rebellion” spins a historical fantasy romance where Robin Hood meets Red Riding Hood. With a focus on minority voices, this Yuri version presents a tale of a burgeoning rebellion against oppressive lords. Robin, aided by a witch and Red Riding Hood, leads this uprising. Will her skills and strategies be enough to succeed, or will failure lead to devastating consequences?

The Siren’s Song

This micro visual novel is a quick dive into a world of romance and simplicity. “The Siren’s Song” gives us beautiful storytelling, featuring a single sprite, background, and song. With 937 words, it’s a fleeting yet memorable experience in the world of Yuri visual novels.

My Crush, My Bully

Here’s a story of the unlikely intersection of love and rivalry. “My Crush, My Bully” follows shy, dorky May and her bully, Ember, in a tale peppered with snappy dialogue and endearing art. May’s quest to secure the latest volume of her favorite Yuri series leads her into an unexpected encounter, turning her world upside down.

Blossoms Bloom Brightest

Three strangers find themselves aboard the spaceship Blossom, for an unexpected journey. “Blossoms Bloom Brightest” is a story of discovery and connection in the vastness of space, where every decision can lead to surprising outcomes.

Sew in Love

When Nova supports her friend in a cosplay competition, she didn’t expect to fall for her friend’s rival, Imani Pierce. “Sew in Love” is a tale of tangled affections and heated rivalries, with cosplay and social media fame. Can Nova balance her friendships and newfound love?

Entangled Hearts

Part of the Basin Lake Magical Girls series, “Entangled Hearts” blends magical girl action with the complexities of romance. Paisley, still waiting for a response to her confession, finds herself in a Valentines Day dilemma with Tama and a potentially darker plot.

With Love Comes Regret

Cynthia seeks refuge in her childhood home, only to encounter Lynette and the ghost of Lynette’s mother. “With Love Comes Regret” delves into the themes of suffocating love and overbearing families, creating a haunting yet poignant story about connections and the past.

Lovely Anemone

Salena, grappling with the aftermath of a painful breakup, falls for another girl while fearing the consequences of revealing her asexuality. “Lovely Anemone” is a story of self-discovery, love, and the challenges of embracing one’s true self in a relationship.

Valentine Disaster

Celena’s plans for a perfect Valentine’s Day with Aimee hit a snag. “Valentine Disaster” is a sweet, interactive story where you help Celena salvage the day with the perfect Valentine’s gift. Featuring a claw machine mini-game and a choice of desserts, it’s a delightful mix of romance and culinary creativity.

You’re sure to find your next sweet or hauntingly beautiful Yuri story on this list. Let me know which one you tried out and if you have a few Yuri game recommendations yourself. I would love to know what you’re playing! And hey, while you’re exploring these fantastic stories, don’t forget to check out All Ages of Geek’s Patreon for more geeky goodness!

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