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6 Lewd, but not so Lewd Yuri Games

Let’s saddle up for another wild ride through the fantastical land of Yuri Games, where the adventures are as bold as my aunt’s choice to wear leopard print to a wedding. We’re about to jump into a mixed bag of delights that range from idol dreams in Akihabara to solving puzzles with washi tape. Yeah, you heard that right. I try to keep my reviews/recommendations of games good for the general audience, aka, any normie who thinks lewd games are bad. Reason? Because most lewd games, including Yuri games, have good intentions or are just darn enjoyable. 

Bring on the Yuri Games!

LIP! Lewd Idol Project game screenshot

LIP! Lewd Idol Project

Imagine moving to Akihabara with dreams bigger than your apartment, only to find out the idol scene is tougher than explaining Tinder to your grandparents. Enter Kairi, as innocent and ambitious as a puppy at a dog show, ready to become the next big thing. After a streak of rejections that could make a bingo card, she bumps into Ranko, who might as well have “I’m going to corrupt your innocence” tattooed on her forehead. Together, they embark on the most “adult” idol journey ever, promising more girl-on-girl action than a sleepover in a pillow fight commercial. Gear up for high-quality anime artwork, uncensored CGs that’ll make you blush, and mini-games that are more fun than playing monopoly with competitive friends.

A Very Paige Party game screenshot

A Very Paige Party

Ever had a holiday night so boring you considered watching paint dry for entertainment? Paige and her crew are here to turn that boredom into a quest that could rival a night out in Vegas. It’s short, sweet, and packed with enough character charm to make you forget you’re playing a game and not crashing someone’s actual party. Dive into this adventure and say goodbye to boredom, unless you’re into that sort of thing.

Learning English With Takako game screenshot

Learning English With Takako

Set before the SeaBed visual novel, we’re thrown into a world where Sachiko and Takako are brushing up on their English for a trip down under. It’s like Rosetta Stone, if Rosetta Stone was designed by someone who thought adding emotional depth and character development would help you remember verb tenses better. Highly recommend reading SeaBed first, because context here is like salt on fries – it just makes everything better.

Who is the New Maid? game screenshot

Who is the New Maid?

Step into the scandalous shoes of Stephanie, who’s got the task of vetting the new maid, rumored to be as controversial as a pineapple on pizza debate. It’s a visual novel that’s not afraid to explore the spicier side of life, with enough endings to make you feel like you’re choosing your own adventure, if that adventure was published in an adults-only section. The free demo promises a taste of the scandal, and let’s be honest, who isn’t a little curious?

You and Me game screenshot

You and Me

This one’s for the artsy souls who like their games as unique as a thrift store find. Made with washitape graphics, it’s a puzzle RPG that’s as charming as it is quirky. Expect to navigate an old temple, solve puzzles, and probably question your artistic abilities compared to the creator’s. With a playtime that’s shorter than a power outage but far more enjoyable, this game’s a quick escape to a world crafted from washi tape.

Breathless Will You Understand Me? screenshot

Breathless Will You Understand Me?

Dive into the life of Aki Murakami, a high schooler with the cool but inconvenient ability to turn invisible when holding her breath. Things get spicy when school idol Megumi Amano discovers her secret, sparking a connection deeper than any Instagram comment thread. It’s a tale of invisibility, visibility, and the things in between, with a bangin’ soundtrack.

So there you have it, a smorgasbord of Yuri Games that offer more twists and turns than a soap opera marathon. Whether you’re in it for the lewd idol dreams, the language lessons, or the washi tape wonders, there’s something here for every flavor of adventure seeker.

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