Life is Strange: Double Exposure Collector’s Box Preorder – Chill Out, Haters!

Life is Strange: Double Exposure Safi and Max looking off camera at something in the foreground, art pictures and drinks are behind them with a purple and red light the All Ages of Geek logo on the right bottom.

Alright, peeps, buckle up! The Life is Strange: Double Exposure Collector’s Box is up for preorder exclusively on the Square Enix Store. This bad boy is in limited quantities, so if you’re a true fan, you better snag one before they’re all gone! I’ll be preordering Life is Strange: Double Exposure on the Switch so […]

Hilarious Adult Swim Cartoons that have Blessed our Screens!

Hey folks, let’s dive into the wild world of Adult Swim, the late-night playground for adults who haven’t quite said goodbye to cartoons. Grab your snacks (no, not the healthy kind) and let’s get into some of the most hilariously notorious shows that have blessed our screens. “Rick and Morty” – The Mad Science Class […]

Who is the New Maid? – Lewd Game Review

Who is the New Maid - Lewd Game Review Thumbnail

Get ready to slip into the scandalous shoes of Stephanie, the bold and responsible eldest sister tasked with vetting the new maid—a figure wrapped in rumors as contentious as the pineapple on pizza debate. “Who is the New Maid?”Play the game on Unravel the Rumors in “Who is the New Maid?” The manor is […]

A Very Paige Party – Lewd Game Review

A Very Paige Party - Lewd Game Review Thumbnail

Stuck in a holiday snooze-fest? Well, Paige and the gang have cooked up just the antidote in “A Very Paige Party”. Think of it as your personal holiday miracle turned video game, flipping a boring night into an epic quest that could rival a Vegas escapade.  “A Very Paige Party”Play the game on What’s […]

LIP! Lewd Idol Project – Lewd Game Review

LIP! Lewd Idol Project - Lewd Game Review Thumbnail

Let’s dive into the neon-soaked streets of Akihabara with “LIP! Lewd Idol Project”. Imagine being Kairi, this bubbly and bright-eyed girl who’s just packed up her life with dreams of hitting it big in the idol scene. Think of her as your overly optimistic friend who thinks she’s just one lucky break away from becoming […]

6 Lewd, but not so Lewd Yuri Games

6 Lewd, but not so Lewd Yuri Games Thumbnail

Let’s saddle up for another wild ride through the fantastical land of Yuri Games, where the adventures are as bold as my aunt’s choice to wear leopard print to a wedding. We’re about to jump into a mixed bag of delights that range from idol dreams in Akihabara to solving puzzles with washi tape. Yeah, […]

5 Yuri Games on that are very, very Enjoyable (18+)

Thumbnail for 5 Yuri Games on that are very, very Enjoyable (18+)

Did someone say Yuri Games on We’re diving into the deep end of the gaming pool – the end that’s mysteriously warm and makes you slightly uncomfortable (cause some games are just woah what was that about). We’re talking about a genre that’s spicier than a ghost pepper on your taco – Yuri Games […]

How GlobalComix’s Stance on Censorship Could Eclipse WEBTOON in the Indie Scene

Hey, free thinkers and comic lovers! Let’s chew on a thought that’s got the indie comic world buzzing: the heavy hand of censorship over at WEBTOON. It’s like they’re the helicopter parent at a rave, only letting the VIPs – the WEBTOON Originals – drop it like it’s hot, while indie comics are left doing […]

Five 18+ Hentai Games to Play right now!

Welcome to our adult themed article series here on All Ages of Geek called Hentai Love Universe. This is where we feature Hentai indie games, manga, comics and overall adult themed series are reviewed and recommended. The reason? To give a positive space for adult series and the creators who…well…create them. Pretty simple and straightforward. […]

5 Yuri Games You Gotta Play!

Welcome back to Girls Love Universe on All Ages of Geek where we explore Yuri Games and just Yuri, period. Yuri sure does tug at the heartstrings, and sometimes, just outright baffles the mind. Here’s a dive into five more games that should be on your radar, if they aren’t already. Let’s see if […]