We had a delightful conversation with Becca Chen, the editor at TOKYOPOP. During our interview, we delved into several fascinating topics:

  • TOKYOPOP: Who are they?
  • Exploring the story behind “Why I Adopted My Husband”
  • Understanding the journey of self-discovery in “At 30 I Realized I Had No Gender”
  • Diving into TOKYOPOP’s initiative, “Comics That Matter”
  • Sneak peek into TOKYOPOP’s upcoming projects for 2024

Make sure to explore all the exciting ventures they have in the pipeline!


Celebrating its Silver Anniversary this year, TOKYOPOP established the market for manga in North America. Over the past 25 years, TOKYOPOP has published thousands of books in both print and digital formats, highlighted the role of diverse creators, partnered with many of the world’s most famous brands, produced and distributed anime and live-action content, and pioneered the use of technology in visual storytelling.

ABOUT TOKYOPOP’s LoveLove Imprint 

Featuring shoujo, josei, girls love, boys love and more, our LoveLove powered by TOKYOPOP line has something for everyone! One of our core company beliefs is that “love is love” and all types of romances deserve to be celebrated. LoveLove was born from that idea and our commitment to representing a variety of stories and voices as diverse as our fans.

ABOUT Comics That Matter

Comics That Matter” initiative that utilizes the graphic novel medium to raise awareness about important causes and social issues. These include GUARDIAN OF FUKUSHIMA, WHY I ADOPTED MY HUSBAND and AT 30 I HAD NO GENDER: LIFE LESSONS FROM A 50-YEAR-OLD AFTER TWO DECADES OF SELF-DISCOVERY.

ABOUT Why I Adopted My Husband

As a gay couple living in Japan (where gay marriage is not yet legal), Yuta and Kyota have found a unique loophole in order for the government to recognize their union: Kyota adopted Yuta.

This nonfiction manga depicts how the two men met and fell in love, their life together for the last twenty years, their struggle to communicate their relationship to their families, their anxieties about the future, and their determination to live happily and carefree as any other married couple, while they strive for independence and equal rights in a changing cultural landscape.

ABOUT At 30, I Realized I Had No Gender

At age 30, Shou Arai came to a realization; he had no gender. Now he was faced with a question he’d never really considered: how to age in a society where everything is so strongly segregated between two genders?

This autobiographical manga explores Japanese culture surrounding gender, transgender issues, and the day to day obstacles faced by gender minorities and members of the LGBTQIA+ community with a lighthearted, comedic attitude.


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