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Monogamy in Anime: Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online” (SAO) is a series that’s sparked numerous debates and discussions, but one aspect that stands out is the relationship between Kirito and Asuna. While the anime portrays their bond to a certain extent, diving into the Light Novels reveals a more profound understanding of their monogamous relationship. Welcome to a new series on All Ages of Geek, titled Monogamy in Anime where we explore monogamous relationships in anime media.

*Note: This is a non-spoiler review to be able to provide more evidence that there are people out there who love “Sword Art Online” without following the trends.

Explore Monogamy in Anime starting with Kirito and Asuna from “Sword Art Online”

Kirito and Asuna laying in the grass from Sword Art Online. Explore Monogamy in Anime.

Kirito’s Interactions in the Anime

On the surface, especially in the anime, Kirito is often seen in scenarios that might be misinterpreted as flirtatious with other female characters. This has led to some misconceptions about his character and commitment to Asuna. However, these interactions are generally light-hearted and do not signify any romantic interest on Kirito’s part. Please read the Light Novels to understand more about this misconception

Kirito and Asuna preparing for battle in Sword Art Online.

The Depth in the Light Novels

The Light Novels of SAO provide a much deeper insight into Kirito and Asuna’s relationship. Here, their bond is explored in greater depth, showing a level of commitment and monogamy that the anime only scratches the surface of. The novels delve into their thoughts and feelings, offering a clearer picture of their dedication to each other.

Kirito and Asuna embracing in Sword Art Online. Explore Monogamy in Anime.

Kirito’s Loyalty to Asuna

Despite the various situations Kirito finds himself in, his loyalty to Asuna never wavers. This is more apparent in the light novels, where his inner monologue and deeper emotions are more explicitly presented. Kirito’s dedication to Asuna is a constant theme throughout the series, underscoring the strength of their relationship. The anime skips over this at times, since the POV switches to more third person than first, while the Light Novels keep it super personal with more inner thoughts.

Kirito and Asuna ready to kiss in Sword Art Online.

Asuna’s Trust in Kirito

Asuna’s trust in Kirito is written from the perspective of someone who is a caring/motherly figure to Kirito. She understands his character and knows that his interactions with other characters are not romantic. This trust is a critical component of their relationship, and it’s portrayed beautifully in the novels.

Why Dive Deeper into the Light Novels to Explore Monogamy in Anime and Media?

To truly appreciate the depth of Kirito and Asuna’s relationship, readers need to explore the Light Novels. The novels offer a richer, more detailed portrayal of their bond, far beyond what the anime can convey.

Kirito and Asuna’s relationship is a beautiful monogamous love. It’s all about loyalty, and trust. While the anime offers a glimpse of their bond, the light novels are where their relationship truly shines. Looking to understand the depth of their commitment? The light novels are a great read for fans looking for more information. They not only reinforce the monogamous nature of their relationship but also enrich the viewer’s understanding of their journey together.

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