Tamagotchi x Cakeworthy: A Nostalgic Fashion Fusion

Remember Tamagotchi? Those charming digital pets from the 90s are back, this time in a vibrant fashion collaboration with Cakeworthy. This partnership breathes new life into retro vibes, offering a delightful range of clothing and accessories that are both fun and stylish. The collection features eye-catching t-shirts and button-ups, each adorned with iconic Tamagotchi characters. […]

Love is in the Air: Sneak Peek at Paralives’ Charming Romantic Interactions!

Get ready for a heartwarming update from Paralives, the upcoming life simulation game that’s gearing up to steal your heart in 2025! The developers just dropped a sneak peek of the romantic interactions you can expect in-game, and it’s absolutely adorable! In Paralives, you’ll dive into a beautifully crafted world where you can shape your […]

New Detective Conan Tamagotchi Announced by Bandai

Bandai just announced a new Tamagotchi model inspired by the Detective Conan series, also known as Case Closed outside of Japan. Details are still limited, but fans are buzzing with excitement over how the mysteries of Detective Conan will be woven into the Tamagotchi experience. Past collaborations have featured anime-themed mini-games and character transformations. How […]

Get Ready for Cuteness Overload with the New Sanrio x Tamagotchi Uni!

Big news for Tamagotchi Uni and Hello Kitty lovers! On July 13, 2024, the cutest gadget ever is dropping: a special edition Tamagotchi decked out in a Hello Kitty theme. It’s all decked out in red and pink, covered in adorable ribbons, and even comes with a stylish, clear milky-red band that doubles as a […]

5 Adorable Snacks to Delight Your Tamagotchi Uni: A Sweet Guide

Today, we’ve got a treat for you — literally! Hey Tamagotchi Uni Pals! We’re diving into the world of these adorable virtual pets with a look at five snacks that are sure to be hits with your Tamagotchi during gameplay. From sweet surprises to delightful nibbles, your Tamagotchi’s snack time is about to get a […]

4 Cute Coffee Games on Itch.io!

Hey coffee lovers I have a fun list of 4 games you can play on Itch.io all about coffee! Now let’s get energized! Cappuchino Spoontforce Deluxe VI – Girl of the Boiling Fury “Hurl sugar cubes at a girl bathing in coffee… She’s had better baths. A Gameboy-style arcade game about the short tempered girl […]

3 Cute Games with a Bee on Itch.io!

Hey Bee lovers! You like Jazz? JK. Anyway here are three cute games on itch with bees to play. You will totally want to play these! Fun and cozy. Let’s Bee Friends “Little Bean is new in town- with a bug net in hand take a delightful stroll through the new neighborhood and try to bee-comb […]

5 Fun Cooking Games on Itch.io!

Hey Hey virtual chefs! Looking for fun games to play? I have a fun list for you to check out some cool indie cooking games & games all about food and how it connects us! Let’s get cooking! Little Chef “A fun and cute 2D physics-based cooking game with a focus on experimentation and discovery.” […]

5 Udderly Amazing Games with Cows on Itch.io!

Cows are cute. Yes. If you are looking for cool games to check out to support fellow indie game devs check out these 5 cool games! All cow lovers much play these games! Backseat Driver “You are a passenger in a car with an incompetent driver trying to escape from a giant cow, and your only […]

5 Games on Itch.io with Foxes!

Hey fox lovers if you are looking for cool games to check out to support fellow indie game devs check out these 5 cool games! All fox lovers much play these games! Wild Side “In this adventure you’ll experience forest life through unspoiled nature and desolation,freedom and dangers of home being attacked by humanity. Fitting […]