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Good Burger 2: Satisfying Your Cravings for Nostalgia and Fast Food

Ah, the ’90s. A time when the term “streaming” meant you were probably skipping stones across a creek. Well, dust off your slap bracelets and Polly Pocket because the first trailer for Good Burger 2 just dropped, and it’s serving us the nostalgia we didn’t know we were starving for.

“Welcome to Good Burger, Home of the Good Burger…”

That’s right, the dynamic duo of the ’90s, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, have returned to the hallowed halls—or rather, greasy countertops—of Good Burger. And before you ask, no, it’s not a fever dream from too many orange sodas.

Paramount+ released the trailer, which promises the return of iconic characters, new faces, and a plot that pits our lovable underdogs against MegaCorp, a corporate monster that wants to turn Good Burger into an AI-run fast-food joint. Because, let’s be real, what is this world coming to if we don’t have Ed misinterpreting our orders?

Returning Cast: It’s All That

The first film, which birthed from the comedic wombs of Nickelodeon’s All That, was a cult classic that any self-respecting ’90s kid will remember. So when we heard that Josh Server and Lori Beth Denberg are reprising their roles as Fizz and Connie Muldoon, we were like, “Who loves orange soda? We do, we do, we do-oo!”

Star-Studded Cameos? Yes, Please

Apart from the returning stars, the film promises a slew of cameos including Nicole Byer, Rob Gronkowski, and Mark Cuban. Mark Cuban, people! So, if you thought the original Good Burger was star-studded with Shaq, prepare for a celebrity smorgasbord that’ll put the first film’s guest list to shame.

A Sequel Bigger Than Kel’s Love for Orange Soda

In interviews, director Phil Traill and the original writers, Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert, teased that the film is “Good Burger on steroids.” That’s right, bigger laughs, bigger stakes, and hopefully, bigger burgers. And as Kel would say, “Aww, here it goes!”

’90s Easter Eggs

Expect loads of ’90s Nickelodeon Easter eggs. Seriously, if they don’t make a Legends of the Hidden Temple or GUTS reference, we riot at dawn.

So, will Good Burger 2 be the quarter-pounder of comedy sequels, or will it end up a soggy fry at the bottom of the bag? We’ll have to wait and find out. Until then, feel free to wash down the anticipation with a nostalgia-flavored orange soda.

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