Chill Out, WEBTOON: Let’s Talk Censorship

Hey gather around the bonfire of creativity and let’s talk about something that’s been irking the indie comic scene – yeah, I’m pointing at you, WEBTOON. It’s like they’re the overprotective parent at a college party, hovering over the keg, ensuring no one’s having “too much fun.” But here’s the kicker: it seems like their Original series get to shotgun beers in the living room, while indie comics are stuck sipping soda in the corner.

The Not-so-Fun Police

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room: censorship on WEBTOON. For a platform that’s a veritable playground of imagination, it’s a bit of a downer when creators have to tiptoe around content guidelines tighter than skinny jeans from the early 2000s. Adult comics? Oh, please, more like “adult” comics that have been through a PG-13 filter. It’s like watching a horror movie with all the scary parts cut out – sure, it’s still technically a horror movie, but you’re not sleeping with the lights on tonight.

The Originals vs. Indies Smackdown

Now, onto the bias issue. WEBTOON Originals are strutting down the red carpet, flaunting their slightly edgier content, while indie comics get the backdoor entrance, complete with a strict dress code. It’s as if WEBTOON’s saying, “You can party, but only if you wear these handcuffs.” The disparity is so blatant, it’s like comparing the cool uncle who lets you ride his motorcycle to the aunt who thinks a high-five is too much physical contact.

The Indie Struggle is Real

Let’s not forget the Herculean efforts indie creators put into their work. These folks are the backbone of creativity, churning out stories that deserve a spotlight, not a dimly lit corner. But with the current state of affairs, it’s like telling indie bands they can only perform if they don’t play their instruments too loudly. The message? “We appreciate your art, but could you please keep it down?”

So, what’s the deal, WEBTOON? It’s high time to loosen the reins and let adult comics breathe. This isn’t about turning the platform into a free-for-all zone; it’s about giving creators the space to express their stories authentically, without fear of the censorship axe. It’s about recognizing that adults can handle adult themes, and indie comics deserve the same love and attention as Originals.

To the powers that be at WEBTOON: let’s make this platform a true haven for all creators, not just the chosen few. Because at the end of the day, creativity shouldn’t be caged. And to the indie creators out there, keep fighting the good fight. Your stories are worth telling, no matter how many hoops you have to jump through.

So, dear readers, what say you? Is it time for WEBTOON to rethink its censorship policies and level the playing field between Originals and indies? Or are we doomed to a world where adult comics are as adult as a high school prom? Let’s start the conversation because, frankly, it’s about time we had it.

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