Introducing the Detective Conan Tamagotchi Nano: A Colorful Twist on Digital Pets

Exciting news for fans of digital pets and detective manga! Bandai has announced the launch of the Detective Conan Tamagotchi Nano Colorful—the first Tamagotchi Nano with a color screen. This marks the second collaboration with the Detective Conan manga series.

Available in two striking colors, red (“Conano Edogawa”) and blue (“Kid The Phantom Thief”), these Tamagotchis offer a fresh way to interact with your digital pet. They feature a rechargeable battery and connectivity options, potentially including USB-C, aligning with modern tech standards.

With this new model, users can enjoy a richer interaction with their pets, thanks to the vivid color screen that shows detailed expressions. You can raise up to 22 different characters from the series, such as Amuro, Shuichi Kai, Kaito Kid, and Conan.

Pre-orders for this engaging little gadget begin on April 24th, 2024, at Premium Bandai Japan, priced at ¥5,500, including tax, and shipping is expected in September 2024. Check out Tama Palace for more info a great blog for all things about tamagotchi!

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