4 Indie Comics to Read Under the Faith Tag from Global Comix

Hey there, fellow fans of all things geeky! Today, we’re talking about some phenomenal faith-based comic creators or comics under the faith tag, over at Global Comix. Global Comix is like a treasure trove for indie comic lovers, and it’s our mission at All Ages of Geek to shine the spotlight on these talented creators. So, let’s dive into some picks that are sure to add some divine drama to your comic collection.

Brainy Pixel 

First up, we have Brainy Pixel, where faith intertwines with fantasy to create something truly special. Imagine a world where each story is a masterclass in creativity, coupled with visuals that’ll make your eyes pop. It’s like they’ve taken the essence of geek culture and given it a holy twist.


Next, we’re looking at Mup.art, a haven for fans of video game narratives. If the worlds of Final Fantasy have always captivated you, then SALVATION DEITY is your next must-read. Picture this: a content coordinator by day transforms into a comic prodigy by night, crafting tales that resonate deeply with gamers and fantasy lovers alike.

Dionysis Zogaris 

Then there’s Dionysis Zogaris, who takes us on a mythological adventure with God Summoner. This comic is like a high-octane journey through a world filled with gods, guns, and inquisitors. Follow Adelice Belmont, a gifted girl with the power of a Summoner, as she battles her way through a richly woven narrative of heroes, villains, and epic mythology.

Mythoverse Comics 

Last but not least, we’ve got Mythoverse Comics. The brainchild of Dan Sacharow, Brett McGowan, and Matt Trinh, this comic universe reimagines western folklore and mythology in a contemporary urban setting. Titles like Adobe Kroger: Dame Commander and Changeling: an Urban Fairytale are perfect for anyone who loves a modern twist on classic stories.

Here’s a glimpse into the divine and dramatic world of Global Comix. At All Ages of Geek, we’re all about supporting these creative minds, showcasing their work, and bringing their stories to a wider audience. By diving into these comics, you’re not just enjoying a good read; you’re also supporting the community of indie comic creators. Let’s show our support and keep this vibrant scene thriving!

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