5 DnD Kickstarter Campaigns That Are No Joke

Hey there, fellow dungeon crawlers and dragon slayers! Strap in, because the world of Dungeons and Dragons is about to get a whole lot more interesting. If you’re like me, a true geek at heart who grew up amidst the golden era of ’90s Nickelodeon and epic Star Wars sagas, you know that DnD isn’t just a game. It’s about crafting stories, building characters, and embarking on adventures that live and breathe in our imaginations. 

Well, hold onto your hats (or helms), because I’ve scoured the mystical lands of Kickstarter to bring you the latest and greatest campaigns set to catapult your DnD experience into uncharted territories. From leveling up beyond your wildest dreams to inclusive adventures that welcome all, these are the game-changers every tabletop warrior needs to know about. So, grab your dice, ready your spells, and let’s dive into the heart of these thrilling new ventures.

Epic Heroes Encyclopedia for 5e – Barbarian

Alright, folks, hold onto your polyhedral dice because Dungeons and Dragons 5e just went beast mode. We’re talking about a Kickstarter that’s all about breaking the level cap ceiling. Think your level 20 wizard is the cat’s pajamas? Please, we’re going beyond to level 30 here. This campaign is for those who’ve thought, “Nice campaign, but could use more epic.” 

Backstabbers Board Game

Coming at you in March 2024: Dungeons and Dragons meets rock paper scissors. Yeah, you heard that right. It’s like the game developers decided, “Hey, let’s take that thing you did as a kid to decide who goes first down the slide and make it into a full-blown battle system.” I’m half expecting them to throw in a “lizard” and “Spock” expansion. Keep your eye out; it might just be zany enough to work.

D&D (5E) – The World Piano Campaign Book

Prepare to sleep with the lights on, my friends. This Kickstarter is launching a horror-themed DnD campaign book that’ll take your poor, unsuspecting Level 1 self on a joyride through a nightmare buffet. You thought facing a beholder was bad? Try taking on a deity with a grudge. This book is a one-way ticket to therapy. Pack your holy water and garlic; you’re going to need it.

Deck Of Many Pulses

And now, for something completely different. In the world of dungeons and despair, one Kickstarter dares to ask, “But what if it was cute, though?” Enter the whimsical take on the Deck of Many Things. Imagine pulling a card and instead of meeting your doom, you get a kitten with wizard robes. It’s like they decided the best way to face the darkness of the dungeon was with aggressively adorable illustrations. Who knew?

Limitless Champions Adventures for D&D 5e 

There’s a Kickstarter out there championing a noble cause: Adventures for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition featuring disabled and neurodivergent NPCs. By supporting inclusive game spaces, we’re not just rolling dice; we’re making a statement that everyone belongs at the table. It’s about time our adventures reflected the real world.

So, What’s the Play?

Listen up, these Kickstarters are speaking our language. Whether you’re in it for the nostalgia, the thrill, or just because you’ve always wanted to see what a level 30 Paladin looks like, there’s something here for you. Dungeons and Dragons isn’t just a game; it’s a lifestyle, and these campaigns are looking to be the next big thing in our multifarious, dice-rolling, character-creating world.

So, check ’em out, support if you can, and let’s keep making our geek dreams come true. And hey, may the Force be with you, or whatever they say in your fantasy realm of choice.

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