ArmoryCraft: Create your own weapons & armor for DnD 5E Review

Welcome to the forge, adventurers and blacksmiths alike! “ArmoryCraft: Forge Your Own Armors & Weapons!” beckons you into the fiery heart of creativity within the realm of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) 5E. Following the path laid by its predecessors, PoisonCraft and PotionCraft, this new installment in the “Craft” series plunges you into the radiant depths of weapon and armor forging, where every hammer strike and enchantment is under your control.

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About ArmoryCraft

ArmoryCraft is an innovative expansion for D&D enthusiasts who revel in customizing their gameplay down to the finest detail. Offering a vast array of options for weapon and armor creation, this game mechanic allows players to combine rare materials and magical effects to craft not just equipment but legends. With ArmoryCraft, every player becomes a master blacksmith, forging artifacts that carry stories, power, and a personal touch.

What Sets ArmoryCraft Apart?

Rare Ingredients & Enchanting Effects: Dive into a world where ancient ores and whispered spells enable the creation of unprecedented armory items. ArmoryCraft’s depth of customization extends beyond the physical, incorporating mystical components that can significantly impact your gameplay.

Innovative Mechanics: ArmoryCraft introduces mechanics that make crafting as dynamic and crucial as combat itself. Players face decisions that influence the final properties of their creations, bringing a new layer of strategy and excitement to the crafting tables.

Stretch Goals & Community Involvement: True to its Kickstarter roots, ArmoryCraft grows with its community. Each stretch goal not only enhances the game’s universe with new materials and possibilities but also deepens the communal involvement in the game’s development.

Rewards & Pledge Levels

ArmoryCraft offers a flexible pledge system, catering to different preferences and budgets. You can opt for a digital PDF edition or choose the tangible satisfaction of a PRINT AT COST option, where you cover just the shipping and printing costs. Special rewards for early backers and higher pledge levels add an extra layer of incentive to join early and support generously.

Project Development & Timeline

The creation of ArmoryCraft is an ongoing adventure, shaped by the contributions and feedback from its backers. While the main content is nearly complete, the inclusion of stretch goal materials promises to keep the development dynamic and ever-evolving, ensuring a rich and varied crafting experience.

Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter not only fuels the project financially but also nurtures it through community engagement, allowing the book to grow organically with its audience. The campaign also offers a MAKE100 Limited Edition T-Shirt with free worldwide shipping, adding a unique collectible to your pledge.

“ArmoryCraft” is not just about forging weapons and armors; it’s about crafting the very stories and adventures that D&D is known for. With your support, this project will provide endless hours of creativity and customization, enriching your D&D sessions with personalized details that bring your characters and campaigns to life.

Will you step up to the anvil and forge your legend? Join us at “ArmoryCraft,” where your creations not only shape your world but also define your legacy in the realms of fantasy and role-playing.

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