“Haunted House Renovator” Highlights from PAX East 2024

At PAX East 2024, we got an exciting peek at “Haunted House Renovator”, where fixing up houses meets ghost busting! This game is all about turning spooky houses into cozy homes, but with a twist – you have to clear out the ghosts too!

Renovate and Ghost-Bust

As a paranormal renovator, you’re not just picking out paint and decor. You’re also using cool tools and tricks to get rid of ghosts. Each haunted house is a new adventure with its own spooky challenges.

Creative Solutions

Sometimes, you’ll use holy water or magic to send ghosts packing. Other times, you might just move furniture to keep a haunted spot hidden. It’s all about finding the right fix for each ghostly problem.

Make it Homey

Making the house look good is key. You’ll fix it up so no one can tell it was once haunted. It’s a mix of decoration and clever hiding spots to make everything feel just right.

Fun for Everyone

With its easy-to-get-into gameplay and cool mix of renovation and ghost hunting, “Haunted House Renovator” is shaping up to be a must-try. Keep an eye out for this fun twist on home makeover games!



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