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Anime NYC 2023: Fate Grand Order Panel

Fate Grand Order lands in Anime NYC after years of popularity with its ever-growing fan base through shows and the popular mobile game. Joining on stage with thousands of fans in attendance were voice actors Haruki Ishiya and Kengo Kawanishi as well as producer Albert Kao and FGO’s second section director Kanou Yoshiki. The panel went into the first time that Haruki and Kengo got into Fate Grand Order while also showcasing some new features coming to the game for the rest of the year. 

Haruki and Kengo started the panel by talking about their visit to New York and their favorite characters from the series. Haruki mentioned that this was his first time traveling overseas while Kengo mentioned he had visited the States before. When it came to favorite characters, Haruki picked Mashukiri as she’s a strong character with a giant shield. Kengo chose Merlin as his favorite after getting to play the games himself. When it came to preparing to play the character of Scandinavia Peperoncino, Kengo looked at the illustration so that he could infuse himself into the character while trying not to associate himself with him. With that method, Kengo doesn’t want to put his personality into Peperoncino so he can stand out. Haruki uses a similar method for his character Beryl Gut, but he keeps in mind to understand the character and his setting to convey to the audience. 

When it came to gathering information on their characters, both Haruki and Kengo spoke about the research they had on the franchise. Haruki tries to compress so much info into one when it comes to Beryl, seeing it as a challenge. Kengo got to gather some information on the character by playing the games. He wasn’t given enough details on the character to determine how he sounded at first. By using his imagination. Kengo said he had to project a mental image of what his character would be like. With Kanou, Kengo was able to work with him to develop Peperoncino.

Both actors shared their origins of how they got into acting. Haruki was initially into sports but had an injury that prevented him from participating. After discovering anime, Haruki said that was when he decided to get into anime. Kengo talked about getting into the entertainment industry, saying he had to think about where he wanted to take his career and decided to use his voice rather than appearance. The voice actors shared some advice on voice acting, with Haruki saying to use the passion they have for something they love and go for it. Kengo added that there was no right answer and just to have fun with it while sharing it with the audience.

Kanou Yoshiki gave some news for fans coming from Fate Grand Order. Before getting into the mobile game, he announced a new game called Fate Samurai Remnant, an action RPG that has already been released. Taking place in the Endo period, Kengo mentions he is a part of the game playing Miyamoto, a new main character for the game. He said he has gotten to play the game and encourages people to play it. There are also two visual novels announced for the franchise, Witch of the Holy Night and Tsukuhime – A Piece of Blue Glass Moon. The first game is scheduled to release on Steam on December 14th while the second one will get a summer 2024 release. In regards to the mobile game, a new story campaign is in the works with some new features, including some new missions to commemorate the holiday season. Perhaps the biggest tease is a new event titled Tsunguska Sanctuary, which is coming during December so fans should be excited for what’s to come for the rest of the year. 

Until then, Fate Grand Order is still available to play on all mobile devices.

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