Remember the Original 151 Pokemon?

Hey, ’90s kids and Pokémon trainers remember the original Pokemon? Get ready for a blast from the past as we dive into the epic list of the original 151 Pokémon. It’s a journey of nostalgia, from the adorable to the bizarre. Let’s roll! Blast from the past! Let’s talk about the 151 Original Pokemon. 1. […]

4 Cute Coffee Games on!

Hey coffee lovers I have a fun list of 4 games you can play on all about coffee! Now let’s get energized! Cappuchino Spoontforce Deluxe VI – Girl of the Boiling Fury “Hurl sugar cubes at a girl bathing in coffee… She’s had better baths. A Gameboy-style arcade game about the short tempered girl […]

Spy X Family Code: White Review

Spy X Family has gained a huge following since its anime series debuted in 2022. With the conclusion of its second season, fans may have to wait a while for more adventures with the Forger family. To hold us over, the team behind the series has released the series’ first film Spy X Family Code: White. Written […]