Remember the Original 151 Pokemon?

Hey, ’90s kids and Pokémon trainers remember the original Pokemon? Get ready for a blast from the past as we dive into the epic list of the original 151 Pokémon. It’s a journey of nostalgia, from the adorable to the bizarre. Let’s roll!

Blast from the past! Let’s talk about the 151 Original Pokemon.

Bulbasaur Pokemon Picture

1. Bulbasaur

A rad little dino-plant combo that started many of our Pokémon journeys.

Ivysaur Pokemon Picture

2. Ivysaur

More leafy, more spunky. The teenage angst stage of Bulbasaur.

Venusaur Pokemon Picture

3. Venusaur

A full-blown floral dinosaur. This dude was the jungle king of our Game Boys.

Charmander Pokemon Picture

4. Charmander

Fiery, cute, and everyone’s favorite little lizard.

Charmeleon Pokemon Picture

5. Charmeleon

The rebellious middle child with flames of attitude.

Charizard Pokemon Picture

6. Charizard

The non-dragon dragon. A total icon of Pokémon badassery.

Squirtle Pokemon Picture

7. Squirtle

The cool aqua dude with shades, thanks to the anime.

Wartortle Pokemon Picture

8. Wartortle

A fierce turtle with a fluffy tail? Count us in.

Blastoise Pokemon Picture

9. Blastoise

Water cannons on a turtle. Need we say more?

Caterpie Pokemon Picture

10. Caterpie

A cute bug, but let’s be real, it was all about getting to Butterfree.

Metapod Pokemon Picture

11. Metapod

The literal definition of “chill” until it evolves.

Butterfree Pokemon Picture

12. Butterfree

Who didn’t feel a bit proud seeing this one evolve?

Weedle Pokemon Picture

13. Weedle

The less cool bug, but hey, it had its charm.

Kakuna Pokemon Picture

14. Kakuna

A slightly angrier Metapod.

Beedrill Pokemon Picture

15. Beedrill

Three words – Giant. Stinger. Hands.

Pidgey Pokemon Picture

16. Pidgey

The bird you saw everywhere but still kind of liked.

Pidgeotto Pokemon Picture

17. Pidgeotto

The cooler, edgier version of Pidgey.

Pidgeot Pokemon Picture

18. Pidgeot

Majestic bird hair goals.

Rattata Pokemon Picture

19. Rattata

The Pokémon equivalent of “seen a rat in NYC.”

Raticate Pokemon Picture

20. Raticate

Rattata’s big bro with a ‘tude.

Spearow Pokemon Picture

21. Spearow

The angry bird before Angry Birds was a thing.

Fearow Pokemon Picture

22. Fearow

Spearow’s big, mean cousin.

Ekans Pokemon Picture

23. Ekans

It’s “snake” backwards, and that’s pretty clever.

Arbok Pokemon Picture

24. Arbok

A cobra with a face on its hood. Pure ’90s villain material.

Pikachu Pokemon Picture

25. Pikachu

The mascot. The legend. The electric cheeky boy.

Raichu Pokemon Picture

26. Raichu

Pikachu’s underrated evolution. Deserved more love.

Sandshrew Pokemon Picture

27. Sandshrew

A cute, spiky ball of desert love.

Sandslash Pokemon Picture

28. Sandslash

Spikes + attitude = Sandslash.

Nidoran Pokemon Picture

29. Nidoran♀

The little purple cutie that packed a punch.

Nidorina Pokemon Picture

30. Nidorina

A bit more attitude, a bit more spiky.

Nidoqueen Pokemon Picture

31. Nidoqueen

The queen of the Nidos and totally badass.

Nidoran Pokemon Picture

32. Nidoran♂

The male counterpart, just as cute but with a different horn.

Nidorino Pokemon Picture

33. Nidorino

The teenage version, more horns, more angst.

Nidoking Pokemon Picture

34. Nidoking

The king! Part dinosaur, part rhino, all awesome.

Clefairy Pokemon Picture

35. Clefairy

Adorable and the star of many fan theories.

Clefable Pokemon Picture

36. Clefable

A bigger, more mystical Clefairy.

Vulpix Pokemon Picture

37. Vulpix

The cutest little fire fox out there.

Ninetales Pokemon Picture

38. Ninetales

Mystical, elegant, and a fan favorite for a reason.

Jigglypuff Pokemon Picture

39. Jigglypuff

The singing balloon that became a meme before memes.

Wigglytuff Pokemon Picture

40. Wigglytuff

Jigglypuff’s big sibling with an even bigger voice.

Zubat Pokemon Picture

41. Zubat

The cave menace, but somehow we still have a soft spot for it.

Golbat Pokemon Picture

42. Golbat

Bigger, meaner, and way more mouth.

Oddish Pokemon Picture

43. Oddish

A walking blueberry with leaves. Adorably weird.

Gloom Pokemon Picture

44. Gloom

The drooling, stinky flower that’s oddly endearing.

Vileplume Pokemon Picture

45. Vileplume

A big ol’ flower head with a poisonous twist.

Paras Pokemon Picture

46. Paras

A crab with mushrooms. Nature’s oddball.

Parasect Pokemon Picture

47. Parasect

More mushroom than crab now. Slightly creepy but cool.

Venonat Pokemon Picture

48. Venonat

Fuzzy, buggy, and with huge eyes. A bug you’d pet.

Venomoth Pokemon Picture

49. Venomoth

The majestic moth that made bugs cool.

Diglett Pokemon Picture

50. Diglett

A peek-a-boo mole. Simple yet iconic.

Dugtrio Pokemon Picture

51. Dugtrio

Three Digletts = triple the mystery.

Meowth Pokemon Picture

52. Meowth

That’s right! The talking coin cat.

Persian Pokemon Picture

53. Persian

Elegant, sleek, and the evolved form of sass.

Psyduck Pokemon Picture

54. Psyduck

The perpetually confused duck we all relate to.

Golduck Pokemon Picture

55. Golduck

Psyduck’s cooler, more collected evolution.

Mankey Pokemon Picture

56. Mankey

A tiny ball of primate rage.

Primeape Pokemon Picture

57. Primeape

Mankey’s even angrier form. Beware!

Growlithe Pokemon Picture

58. Growlithe

The puppy we all wanted.

Arcanine Pokemon Picture

59. Arcanine

Majestic, powerful, and a true good boy.

Poliwag Pokemon Picture

60. Poliwag

A swirl, a smile, and a whole lot of charm.

Poliwhirl Pokemon Picture

61. Poliwhirl

Like Poliwag, but buffer and spinier.

Poliwrath Pokemon Picture

62. Poliwrath

Poliwhirl’s big, tough evolution. A true fighter.

Abra Pokemon Picture

63. Abra

The sleepy psychic that was a catch-and-run nightmare.

Kadabra Pokemon Picture

64. Kadabra

Abra’s cooler evolution with a spoon!

Alakazam Pokemon Picture

65. Alakazam

Two spoons and a mega brain. Psychic power at its peak.

Machop Pokemon Picture

66. Machop

The little muscle boy of the Pokémon world.

Machoke Pokemon Picture

67. Machoke

More muscles, more power. The gym bro Pokémon.

Machamp Pokemon Picture

68. Machamp

Four arms, all muscle. The ultimate wrestler.

Bellsprout Pokemon Picture

69. Bellsprout

A wobbly, dancing plant that’s strangely cute.

Weepinbell Pokemon Picture

70. Weepinbell

Like Bellsprout, but hungrier and droolier.

Victreebel Pokemon Picture

71. Victreebel

A full-blown carnivorous plant. Nature’s scary side.

Tentacool Pokemon Picture

72. Tentacool

The jellyfish of every ocean encounter.

Tentacruel Pokemon Picture

73. Tentacruel

Bigger, badder, and with way more tentacles.

Geodude Pokemon Picture

74. Geodude

The rock with arms. Simple yet effective.

Graveler Pokemon Picture

75. Graveler

A bigger rock with more arms.

Golem Pokemon Picture

76. Golem

A boulder that turned into a rock monster.

Ponyta Pokemon Picture

77. Ponyta

The fire horse every kid dreamed of riding.

Rapidash Pokemon Picture

78. Rapidash

A blazing fast unicorn. Pure fantasy fuel.

Slowpoke Pokemon Picture

79. Slowpoke

The dazed and confused pink derp we love.

Slowbro Pokemon Picture

80. Slowbro

Slowpoke but with a Shellder biting its tail.

Magnemite Pokemon Picture

81. Magnemite

A floating, electric eyeball with magnets. Classic.

Magneton Pokemon Picture

82. Magneton

Three Magnemites = triple the magnetic fun.

Farfetch'd Pokemon Picture

83. Farfetch’d

The duck with a leek. Quirky and unforgettable.

Doduo Pokemon Picture

84. Doduo

Two heads, no wings, all the running.

Dodrio Pokemon Picture

85. Dodrio

Three heads, still no wings, even more running.

Seel Pokemon Picture

86. Seel

A simple seal, but with charm.

Dewgong Pokemon Picture

87. Dewgong

Seel’s graceful, ice-loving evolution.

Grimer Pokemon Picture

88. Grimer

The living sludge. Gross but in a fun way.

Muk Pokemon Picture

89. Muk

Grimer but bigger and even more sludgy.

Shellder Pokemon Picture

90. Shellder

A bivalve with a face. Surprisingly lovable.

Cloyster Pokemon Picture

91. Cloyster

Shellder’s spiky, tough evolution.

Gastly Pokemon Picture

92. Gastly

A floating ball of gas. Spooky and cool.

Haunter Pokemon Picture

93. Haunter

Gastly’s creepier, more hands-on evolution.

Gengar Pokemon Picture

94. Gengar

The ultimate ghost prankster. Iconic and mischievous.

Onix Pokemon Picture

95. Onix

A giant rock snake. Intimidating and awesome.

Drowzee Pokemon Picture

96. Drowzee

A hypnotic tapir. Weirdly endearing.

Hypno Pokemon Picture

97. Hypno

Drowzee’s creepier, more hypnotic evolution.

Krabby Pokemon Picture

98. Krabby

The crabby crab. Simple and to the point.

Kingler Pokemon Picture

99. Kingler

Krabby’s big clawed evolution. Intense and cool.

Voltorb Pokemon Picture

100. Voltorb

Looks like a Poké Ball, explodes like a bomb.

Electrode Pokemon Picture

101. Electrode

Voltorb’s upside-down and more explosive form.

Exeggcute Pokemon Picture

102. Exeggcute

A bunch of eggs, because why not?

Exeggutor Pokemon Picture

103. Exeggutor

A walking palm tree with egg faces. Surreal.

Cubone Pokemon Picture

104. Cubone

The lonely, skull-wearing cutie with a tragic backstory.

Marowak Pokemon Picture

105. Marowak

Cubone’s fiercer, bone-wielding evolution.

Hitmonlee Pokemon Picture

106. Hitmonlee

The kicking fiend. Bruce Lee would be proud.

Hitmonchan Pokemon Picture

107. Hitmonchan

The punching counterpart to Hitmonlee. Equally awesome.

Lickitung Pokemon Picture

108. Lickitung

A big, pink, lick-happy oddball.

Koffing Pokemon Picture

109. Koffing

A floating poison ball. Smoggy but memorable.

Weezing Pokemon Picture

110. Weezing

Two Koffings for double the smog.

Rhyhorn Pokemon Picture

111. Rhyhorn

A rock-rhino hybrid. Tough and cool.

Rhydon Pokemon Picture

112. Rhydon

Rhyhorn’s bigger, badder evolution.

Chansey Pokemon Picture

113. Chansey

The caring, egg-holding nurse Pokémon.

Tangela Pokemon Picture

114. Tangela

A walking tangle of vines. Mysterious and funky.

Kangaskhan Pokemon Picture

115. Kangaskhan

The mama Pokémon with a baby in her pouch.

Horsea Pokemon Picture

116. Horsea

A tiny, cute sea horse.

Seadra Pokemon Picture

117. Seadra

Horsea’s sleek, dragon-like evolution.

Goldeen Pokemon Picture

118. Goldeen

The fish with a horn. Elegant and simple.

Seaking Pokemon Picture

119. Seaking

Goldeen’s more regal and powerful form.

Staryu Pokemon Picture

120. Staryu

A starfish with a gem. Minimalist and cool.

Starmie Pokemon Picture

121. Starmie

Staryu’s mystical, gem-spinning evolution.

Mr. Mime Pokemon Picture

122. Mr. Mime

The mime Pokémon. Creepy to some, cool to others.

Schyher Pokemon Picture

123. Scyther

A bug with scythes for arms. Total badass.

Jynx Pokemon Picture

124. Jynx

A controversial design, but memorable nonetheless.

Electrabuzz Pokemon Picture

125. Electabuzz

A buzzing, electric tiger. Fierce and energetic.

Magmar Pokemon Picture

126. Magmar

The duck-billed, fire-spewing oddball.

Pinsir Pokemon Picture

127. Pinsir

A bug with huge pincers. Intimidating and cool.

Tauros Pokemon Picture

128. Tauros

The angry bull. Simple but effective.

Magikarp Pokemon Picture

129. Magikarp

The underdog fish. Weak but with potential.

Gyarados Pokemon Picture

130. Gyarados

Magikarp’s epic, dragon-like evolution. A true glow-up.

Lapras Pokemon Picture

131. Lapras

The gentle, sea-faring giant. Serene and majestic.

Ditto Pokemon Picture

132. Ditto

The shape-shifter. Simple but incredibly versatile.

Eevee Pokemon Picture

133. Eevee

The evolution master. Adorable and full of possibilities.

Vaporeon Pokemon Picture

134. Vaporeon

Eevee’s elegant, aquatic evolution.

Jolteon Pokemon Picture

135. Jolteon

Eevee’s spiky, electric form. Zappy and cute.

Flareo Pokemon Picture

136. Flareon

Eevee’s fiery, fluffy evolution. Cozy and fierce.

Porygon Pokemon Picture

137. Porygon

The digital, polygonal Pokémon. Unique and retro.

Omanyte Pokemon Picture

138. Omanyte

The ancient, spiral-shelled cutie.

Omastar Pokemon Picture

139. Omastar

Omanyte’s bigger, spikier evolution.

Kabuto Pokemon Picture

140. Kabuto

A living fossil with a cool design.

Kabutops Pokemon Picture

141. Kabutops

Kabuto’s sleek, scythe-armed evolution.

Aeodactyl Pokemon Picture

142. Aerodactyl

The prehistoric flying terror. Majestic and awesome.

Snorlax Pokemon Picture

143. Snorlax

The big, sleepy roadblock. Loveable and cuddly.

Articuno Pokemon Picture

144. Articuno

The ice bird of legend. Elegant and powerful.

Zapdos Pokemon Picture

145. Zapdos

The electric legendary bird. Shockingly cool.

Moltres Pokemon Picture

146. Moltres

The fiery phoenix. A literal hot bird.

Dratini Pokemon Picture

147. Dratini

The serpentine dragon baby. Adorable and promising.

Dragonair Pokemon Picture

148. Dragonair

Dratini’s sleek, elegant evolution.

Dragonite Pokemon Picture

149. Dragonite

Dragonair’s friendly, dragon-like evolution. Surprisingly cuddly.

Mewtwo Pokemon Picture

150. Mewtwo

The ultimate psychic powerhouse. Intimidating and complex.

Mew Pokemon Picture

151. Mew

The mythical, adorable ancestor. The rarest of them all.

Now do you remember the original Pokemon?

And there you have it, a trip down memory lane with the original 151 Pokémon! Each one holds a special place in our ’90s hearts. Whether for their designs, their powers, or just the memories they bring, these Pokémon are more than just creatures; they’re part of our childhood. For more awesome geek content, don’t forget to support All Ages of Geek’s Patreon!

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