5 Games on Itch.io with Foxes!

Hey fox lovers if you are looking for cool games to check out to support fellow indie game devs check out these 5 cool games! All fox lovers much play these games!

Wild Side

“In this adventure you’ll experience forest life through unspoiled nature and desolation,
freedom and dangers of home being attacked by humanity. Fitting the role of a fox, you’ll observe a constantly changing map, face her daily life, fears, and adventures. You’ll be able to interact with other animals and nature, but watch out for hunters and flames!”

A Short Tail

A Short Tail

“Wimpy and Scrimpy are gonna be hungry when they wake up from their kip. Get out there and nab a chicken!”

Box Fox Cookie Hunter

“Simple game all about collecting as many cookies as you can with 3 lives. Avoid the Exploding Chickens.”


You are the provider. The glue that holds this little family together.

Unfortunately winter has come and you have no way of weathering it.

Instead of hunkering down and riding it out. You must now go out into the woods and find what survival you can.


“The meaning of gods and nature is almost forgotten in modern life. The world is suffering. The human has forgot, what it means “to live in balance”. They’ve become exorbitant and egoistic. But not everything’s lost. You are Inukari. The patron god of an ancient forest. Long forgotten and uncared, the light in your shrine has been lit by a small candle. Be as fast as the wind and investigate what may have happened.”

Enjoy the list I hope you find a new game to play soon! Check out All Ages of Geeks upcoming game too!

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