All Ages of Geek FanExpo Denver

Fan Expo Denver Experience!

Hello everyone it’s MinaRose2023!

I was recently at Fan Expo Denver and I wanted to share a few of the highlights. It was so fun being at Fan Expo Denver!

Meeting Natalie Van Sistine was wonderful we have a Q&A of her here in All Ages of Geek website she voices Yor and many other characters.

Sarah Natochenny who voices Ash Ketchum she’s been at it for 17 years hard to believe! She’s also wonderful with her fans.

Another VA I talked to was Megan Shipman she was wonderful to talk to.

Some cosplayers we found all lovely!

Merch I admit I left early I was tired easily my lungs and I hadn’t slept the night before so it was cut short. But I enjoyed the time I spent there it was only for one day cause that’s all we could afford. 

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