Sword Art Online Unital Ring 1 – Review

All Ages of Geek Sword Art Online Unital Ring 3

by: Gen/Esis Sword Art Online volume 21 is the beginning of the latest arc for the series—Unital Ring. Coming in right after the high gear end of Alicization, and the short unfinished arc of Moon Cradle, this arc has a lot to live up to. So, how does this volume fare next to its predecessors? […]

D23 Celebrates Back to the Grid: 40 Years of TRON

Fans got to experience the groundbreaking legacy of Tron at D23 Expo. On day 3, the Back to the Grid: 40 Years of TRON panel presented by Enterprise, took place on the Backlot Stage Sunday, September 11th. Fans got to watch the amazing panel celebrating 40 years of the iconic and innovative release of Tron with the producers, […]

D23: Disney Legends Awards Ceremony Recap

Day one of D23 kicked off with the Disney Legends Awards Ceremony! All Ages of Geek got to watch the fantastic spectacle at the Ultimate Disney Fan Event as fans got to not only experience the ceremony live, but celebrate 100 years of Disney! Disney CEO Bob Chapek presented the panel and gave fans an […]

Epic Cosplays at the D23 Expo Mousequerade 2022

All Ages of Geek got to cover D23 Expo this year, and it was absolutely magical. Front and center I got to watch the epic cosplay contest and masquerade. Fans got to watch the amazing showcase of talent at the Premiere Stage on Friday, September 9th at D23. The Ultimate Disney Costume Contest returned to D23 […]

Lexa’s Exotic Meta Variants Collection Review

NFTs are taking over the internet day by day. New creators and artists jump into the metaverse and give their ideas to the world. Hand drawn pieces, photography, generated art, the possibilities are edless. Lexa’s Exotic Meta Variants Collection is new to the metaverse and ready to join your collection. Lexa’s Exotic Meta Variants Collection […]

We Interviewed Lauren Steel a Book Marketer!

Today we had a chat with someone in the book marketing field. If you are an author or aspiring aurthor consider checking out this interview! 1. Tell us what book marketing management all is about? As an author you often don’t realise how much work is involved pre and post getting your book/novel completed.  Your […]