Galaxy-Boy Delivery VTubers on TikTok! Follow for a Delivery of Smiles

Before the launch of “Galaxy-Boy Delivery”, VTubers Stilo and Korl can be found on TikTok @galaxyboydelivery. Wondering if the TikTok is safe for kids? Here’s a description for parents and teachers. “Galaxy-Boy Delivery uploads daily videos onto TikTok ranging from random clips to shenanigans on Stilo and Korl’s spaceship. Viewers can recommend ideas for the […]

Galaxy-Boy Delivery VTuber Printables! Upcoming Kids Show featuring two VTubers on YouTube

The standard delivery fee of the VTuber Duo “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” is just a smile and a follow away from a fun and edutainment experience on All Ages of Geek’s YouTube Channel. “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” an upcoming Vtuber inspired kids show recently launched their VTuber website which includes several free printables for the whole family to enjoy. […]

Galaxy-Boy Delivery Launches Website! Featuring VTuber Activities and FREE Printables 

Galaxy-Boy Delivery launches their upcoming website ( to feature videos, stories, games and free printables for all ages. The soon-to-launch VTuber Series is a kid-friendly VTuber Project. These VTuber videos will be for the entire family to enjoy and introduce a more all ages approach to the VTuber space.  What is a VTuber? Are VTubers […]

Beta Tester for Video Games on Fiverr | All Ages of Geek

All Ages of Geek recently released two new Fiverr gigs for game developers and video game creators. On Fiverr game devs from indies to AAA games can discover the Beta Tester Video Game gig and the App Review for App Store and Google Play. More about Beta Tester for Video Games Gig Need a beta […]

“I Married a Monster on a Hill” coming soon to WEBTOON from Stec Stories

All Ages of Geek I Married a Monster on a Hill website

Stec Stories, Stec Studio’s publication for novels, comics and web-based media, is working on their upcoming web-comic “I Married a Monster on a Hill”. The first web-comic under the wing of Stec Stories, follows an adorable love story about partners Bevvy and August who go through their everyday, married lives together. The catch, Bevvy is […]

We Interviewed Expert Designer, Logo Artist & Illustrator Liquid GTX

We has had the pleasure of chatting with Liquid GTX all about their work! SUPPORT THEM HERE 1) What made you get into creating assets for VTubers? It all started when I am taking commission on anime-themed banners on the first place. Then, on 2020 I was seeing that, vtuber industry started to grow up. […]

VTuber Reveal! “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” on All Ages of Geek

Stilo and Korl are off in their spaceship to make deliveries around the galaxy on All Ages of Geek’s new VTuber series “Galaxy-Boy Delivery”. Below you can watch the VTuber Reveal video with all the social info you need to follow the space boys and their journies across the galaxy. Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

All Ages of Geek to Release “Galaxy Delivery Boy” – A Sci-Fi VTuber Web Series

All Ages of Geek and the upcoming Stec Studio are proud to announce its first original, online web series “Galaxy-Boy Delivery”. This anime/cartoon/video game inspired series featuring two new VTubers will be featured on All Ages of Geek’s YouTube Channel twice per week. The programming will be for “all ages” in the middle-grade level (ages […]

We Interviewed an Elden Ring Player!

All Ages of Geek Elden Ring

We interviewed @SaintMartyrn all about their thoughts about Elden Ring! 1) Is Elden Ring your first FromSoftware game? What is your experience with Souls-like games? Elden ring is my second fromsoft game, my first being Sekiro. What I think stands out with souls like games is that the game doesn’t make you feel like you’re […]

Elden Ring Artist Show Off!

Hey, Elden Ring gamers and Original Character creators! Every week we will be showcasing several Elden Ring OC Artists/Fanartists on All Ages of Geek. We are passionate about OC creations whether that’s from video games, Dungeons and Dragons, text roleplays or any form of world-building storytelling. Elden Ring has huge options for character creations for […]