Top Ten Reasons Why We Love Patreon

Patreon makes it possible. Simply put All Ages of Geek would not exist without Patreon and our dedicated family of patrons. To learn more about why we love our community and why you should join if you’re looking for a more interactive community that doesn’t use the word “fan” but “friend”, check out this article!

Today we’re talking all about the Top 10 Reasons why we love Patreon! Let us know your reasons below in our comment section.

Freedom to be Independent

All Ages of Geek is an LLC a limited liability company. We are independently run which allows us to:
– Create a platform supporting other creators.
– Include a roster of hosts who produce their own content with their own freedom.
– Act as a boutique agency for writers and aspiring authors.
– Produce podcasts, videos and multimedia without biased views or scripted content.

As an LLC there are several forms of potential funding. Crowdfunding was our first choice due to the creative freedom and ability to have more control over the business’ direction. Without Patreon, we would be scouting other options for All Ages of Geek. It was the freedom Patreon provides that allows us to do what we do and provide a creative space online.

Easy to use Tools

Patreon has partnered with many workspaces and applications to provide and nurture a creator’s needs. Not all tools are for everyone though, but the catalog is deep-seated with carefully curated applications. Whether you’re a musician or a pin artist, a science blog or a Dungeons and Dragons podcast host you’ll find something for you. Patreon is like a one-stop-shop for all your business needs.

Patreon’s support team becomes like a family to you.

They don’t just answer your questions and concerns they do it with a smile. Well, we can’t tell if they are smiling on the other side of the screen, but based on their responses and back and forth reply threads, you can just tell they are cheering you on.

Community Building Projects and Platform

Like All Ages of Geek, Patreon is all about Community Building. They thrive off of crafting a community of creators and help launch their dream jobs or next big gig. There are many projects where Patreon involves their userbase and ambassadors to help not only give feedback but to build the platform. This gives users the chance to be heard and for their concerns to be addressed to the higher-ups in the company.

Has an App

If you’re always on the go like All Ages of Geek, you’re going to need a relief that you can access Patreon anytime, anywhere. We are based in Hawaii so mainly all forms of travel are 1-2 hours away. That’s why the Patreon App is so useful! There are some parts about the app that need work, but just knowing you can make simple posts, updates and Lens on the go is what makes a big difference for our commuting lifestyle.

Understand Hardships of Creators

From trying to grow a channel to attempting to risk it all and go full-time as a creator, Patreon understands the failures and overwhelming struggles of being an entertainer, artist, musician, and creator overall. They interview other creators to tell their stories on the platform and give them actual advice on how to avoid burnout and other factors of freelance consequences.

Patreon is a Champion of Creators

Based on what we’ve told you already you can hopefully see the pros of joining Patreon’s platform. They are overall champions of creators because of their honesty. It’s not the whole inspirational/motivational articles, podcasts and videos that “tell you to do your best”. It’s actual honesty about what they can do better to help your career thrive in the right way. Honesty is not just the best policy, it’s the Patreon policy.

Patreon Ambassadorship

All Ages of Geek is part of the Patreon Ambassadorship. What makes Patreon Ambassadors special is how they are able to interact with each other, get special perks including ambassador meetings, merch and access to special programs/projects in the works. It’s a nice reward to receive and to know that Patreon really does support creators who go above and beyond their niche.


Between the Ambassador Program and the many users on the platform, there are many people you can collaborate with. One collaboration All Ages of Geek did after discovering these creators on Patreon was collaborate with The Normies. We actually discovered The Normies directly on Patreon when learning more about the Anime/Show/Movie Reaction Community. From there we worked on a collaboration together and not only did we connect with other creators, but we had a great time learning and chatting with like-minded entertainers.

Ability to Fund all AAOG Projects

As mentioned earlier, All Ages of Geek is made possible thanks to Patreon and our patrons. Our content, our platform, our events and our dreams. We are able to not only entertain but provide an independent, passion-run multimedia website for all the geeks of the world. All projects are mainly funded by crowdfunding and because of Patreon and our patrons we are able to create without corporate media getting involved.
These are our Top Ten Reasons Why We Love Patreon and why we believe all creators should consider crowdfunding, but the do crowdfunding the right way by joining Patreon.

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Katya Stec is the Founder of All Ages of Geek. You can follow her on Twitter @Katyastec

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