Galaxy-Boy Delivery Launches Website! Featuring VTuber Activities and FREE Printables 

Galaxy-Boy Delivery launches their upcoming website ( to feature videos, stories, games and free printables for all ages. The soon-to-launch VTuber Series is a kid-friendly VTuber Project. These VTuber videos will be for the entire family to enjoy and introduce a more all ages approach to the VTuber space. 

What is a VTuber? Are VTubers kid-friendly?

According to Google “A VTuber, or virtual YouTuber, is an online entertainer who uses a virtual avatar generated using computer graphics.” Galaxy-Boy Delivery, while using the technology of Virtual YouTubers, focuses more on all ages content rather than the majority of VTubers streaming today. Most VTubers are not kid-friendly. There are arguments that some VTubers are kid-friendly but as a parent/guardian it’s important to research the VTuber based on:

  1. What they stream
  2. How they talk/what they discuss
  3. Style of model, stream and videos

One VTuber Channel that is kid-friendly is VTubers ( run by Ryan’s ToysReview and featuring Combo Panda, Big Gil, Alpha Lexa, and Gus the Gummy Gamer. Similar to the VTubers channel, Galaxy-Boy Delivery’s website includes more information on how the series will be for all ages and what parents and teachers can expect. 

Galaxy-Boy Delivery Printables 

The official Galaxy-Boy Delivery website includes a FREE, printable coloring book that features character art from the series. Lesson plans such as “Word of the Week” printables, word searches,and activities will also be added every month. 

Galaxy-Boy Delivery Games

All Ages of Geek and Stec Stories will also be partnering with freelance independent game developers to create official Galaxy-Boy Delivery games once the series launches. Each game will be accessible on the home page of the Galaxy-Boy Delivery website. 

Galaxy-Boy Delivery Music

The official Galaxy-Boy Delivery Soundtrack Album will be free to download on the website. Composed by dreamhillmusic ( ) on Fiverr the album will stream on YouTube (

Galaxy-Boy Delivery “For Parents” Tab

There will be a For Parents Tab featured on the Galaxy-Boy Delivery website. This includes news, information about Galaxy-Boy Delivery and how to use the series at home or in the classroom.

Galaxy-Boy Delivery Videos

Upcoming videos will include kid-friendly gameplays, reactions, vlogs and lessons twice per week. Videos will also support independent game developers, film directors and animators.

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