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All Ages of Geek recently released two new Fiverr gigs for game developers and video game creators. On Fiverr game devs from indies to AAA games can discover the Beta Tester Video Game gig and the App Review for App Store and Google Play.

More about Beta Tester for Video Games Gig

Need a beta tester for your video game or indie game? All Ages of Geek is opening its Beta Tester for Video Games Gig on Fiverr and would love to help you on your game development.

We have been posting gaming content, Let’s Plays and reviews onto YouTube for years now. What we can offer with the Beta Tester Gig is:

  1. An unedited beta test on your game.
  2. A detailed edited beta test of your game.
  3. Multiple beta tests of your game.

***NOTE: Each project starts at the basic price, but depending on video length, play-time, etc. we will help negotiate a plan. Please DM us your details prior to signing up.

What games do we beta test?

  1. Mobile games for Apple and Android devices (phones and iPads)
  2. PC games
  3. Nintendo Switch games
  4. PS4 games
  5. Board games
  6. Card games
  7. Dungeons and Dragons
  8. Educational STEM games

To sum it all up:

  1. All Mobile Games (no crypto or adult)
  2. Board games, card games, Dungeons & Dragons sets (outside of video games)

Please DM us your details. Excited to work with you on YouTube and All Ages of Geek!

More About App Review for App Store and Google Play

The Stec Sisters (Kat & Tat) and creators of All Ages of Geek, LLC will provide you with the support you need for your Mobile App and App Video Game projects, at a very low price. This gig’s focus is App Reviews and Promotion.


*NOTE: Orders may take a few days/weeks to complete due to the amount of orders/messages we receive.

  1. We write a review about your Mobile App/Game.
  2. We share backlinks on our website for your Mobile App/Game.
  3. We promote your Mobile App/Game on social media.

*NOTE: The app will be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

——– What do we focus on? ——–

  • Geek Apps
  • Video Game Apps
  • Anime Apps
  • Apps for Kids
  • Educational Apps
  • Everyday Essential Apps

We want to hear from you and truly take care of your project!

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