5 Yo-Yo Games Recommended by Hugh from “I Married a Monster on a Hill”

by: Emily Maine

We’re back with more recommendations from the “I Married a Monster on a Hill” characters as they dive into Itch.io games. Up next is Hugh. He’s always on the lookout for quirky and engaging games, brings his love for yo-yos into the gaming world. Here’s a list of yo-yo-themed games on Itch.io that Hugh can’t stop playing.

5 Yo-Yo Games from Itch.io

"Slime 'n' Yoyo" by FlaringK. The image features a simple design with a light blue background, orange text, and a green slime character standing on a green platform with an orange yoyo underneath. The text reads "SLIME 'N' YOYO" with "BY FLARINGK" underneath, and "PRESS ANY KEY" below the character.

1. Slime n’ Yo Yo

In this simple yet addicting game, control Slime using WASD and manage the yoyo with arrow keys. The game spans 3 levels where Slime, who can’t move on the ground, uses the yoyo to jump and collect coins. It’s a unique blend of challenge and fun, testing both your timing and coordination.

This image shows a stick figure character holding a yoyo attached to a string. The character is standing on a platform with a textured, earth-toned surface. Two large blue slimes with glowing edges are seen in the background, one on the ground and another floating above. The environment has a dark, cave-like appearance with intricate patterns on the walls.

2. Yo Yo Game

Play as a walking string using a yoyo to explore an enchanted cave and combat enemy slimes. This adventure involves depositing shards at shrines to summon items that enhance your abilities, while also strategically managing the spawning of enemies. It’s a dynamic game that keeps you on your toes with its blend of exploration and tactical combat.

This image shows a small, gray robot-like character navigating through a maze-like structure. The walls are made up of white and black pixelated patterns, creating a retro, 8-bit appearance. The character is in motion, indicated by the slightly blurred effect, and appears to be maneuvering through a narrow pathway within the maze.

3. One Item: Yo Yo

This crypt-exploring game challenges you to use a single yo-yo to overcome obstacles across three levels. The controls might take some getting used to, but mastering them can lead to finishing the game in under three minutes. Be warned, the main menu music is loud, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the intricate mechanics of this cleverly designed game.

This image features a pixelated red yoyo on a string against a blue sky with a cityscape in the background. The title "Yoyo Dodgo" is prominently displayed in blocky white letters, with the creator's name "Demiero" below it. The bottom of the screen shows the text "Tap the screen to start!" inviting players to begin the game.

4. Yo Yo Dodgo

If you liked Flappy Bird, you’ll get a kick out of “Yo Yo Dodgo.” Navigate a yo-yo through a series of pipes, balancing the need to jump with the yo-yo’s weighty physics. This game, developed in just five hours, offers a straightforward yet challenging experience that will test your timing and reflexes.

This image features a top-down view of a grid-based room with a character in the center surrounded by a cloud-like effect. To the left, there are three icons displaying different actions or items, likely representing abilities or tools available to the player. The room has various brown and beige tiles, with a plant in one corner and a pile of spikes or debris in another. The overall style is simple and pixelated, evoking a retro gaming feel.

5. Yoyo Cato

Step into the cursed catacombs with Yoyo CatO, a character cursed to move like a yo-yo. Every two turns, Yoyo will dash forward and then snap back, dealing damage to any creature in its path. It’s a game of timing and strategy as you navigate through deadly loops and try to escape the catacombs without getting “meow-squished.”

Hugh loves these games not only for their unique gameplay but also for their creative use of the yo-yo mechanic. Whether you’re looking for a quick distraction or a deeper strategic challenge, these yo-yo-themed games provide plenty of fun and are a sure way to pass the time with a smile.

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