5 Cat Games Recommended by Scarlett from I Married a Monster on a Hill

5 Cat Games Recommended by Scarlett from “I Married a Monster on a Hill”

Scarlett, the cat lover and fursuit maker from “I Married a Monster on a Hill” has a soft spot for anything feline. If you’re looking to get your paws on some cat-themed games, here are her top picks, all purr-fect for cat enthusiasts.

5 Cat-Themed Indie Games

Cat Cat game image

1. Cat Cat

Jump into action with “Cat Cat,” a simple yet addicting platformer created in just 48 hours during a mini game jam. Navigate through 10 levels using the arrow keys or A/D to move and the space bar or up arrow to jump. It’s quick to start with the enter key and fun to master. Ideal for anyone looking for a straightforward, enjoyable game.

Wholesome Cats image from promo

2. Wholesome Cats

Explore an island teeming with over 50 types of cats—magic cats, dessert cats, thicc cats, and even a smol borker. “Wholesome Cats” lets you befriend these adorable kitties as you unlock the mysteries of the island. With charming 8-bit music and cat sounds, this game is available on both iOS and Android. Start your pawsome journey and bring peace to catkind!

Happy Cat Tavern image from game

3. Happy Cat Tavern

Step into the Happy Cat Tavern where Batou the cat has one goal: drink as many milkshakes as possible. The gameplay is quirky and fun—type words quickly and accurately to serve up milkshakes and cheer Batou on. It’s a test of your typing skills and a blast for anyone looking to improve their keyboard prowess while having fun.

 Sticky Cats Image from game

4. Sticky Cats

Grab some friends for this chaotic 2-4 player party game. In “Sticky Cats,” the goal is to steal a fish and escape through a window, but the catch? You stick to everything! It’s a hilarious mess of a game that’s perfect for parties or just hanging out. Prepare for laughs and a bit of friendly competition as you navigate through the sticky chaos.

Kattespill gameplay gif

5. Kattespill

Dive into a relaxing cat paradise with “Kattespill,” where you can pet, feed, and wash your virtual cats. Simple controls make it easy: left-click to move cats around, drop them where you want them to interact, and right-click to give them some love. It’s a gentle, soothing game that’s great for unwinding after a long day.

These games are Scarlett-approved and guaranteed to delight any cat lover out there. Whether you’re in the mood for some light-hearted fun or some chaotic party action, these cat games cover all bases. Try them out and let the cat adventures begin!

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