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5 News Games Recommended by Jackie from “I Married a Monster on a Hill”

by: Emily Maine

We’re back with more recommendations from the “I Married a Monster on a Hill” Characters! Up next is Jackie. Jackie, known for his keen interest in media, has picked out some standout games that place you right in the heart of a bustling news studio. If you’re into gaming and the fast-paced world of news broadcasting, here are some games that Jackie totally recommends.

5 News Games from

 "Title screen of the game Fake News with cardboard cutouts and a globe in the background."

1. Fake News

Get ready to manage a ‘credible’ news studio in “Fake News,” a couch co-op game where you craft sensational stories to attract viewers. You can play solo or team up with up to four players, using props and cardboard cutouts to piece together compelling narratives on the fly. It’s all about quick thinking and creativity, making it a blast for group play.

"Gameplay screen from The News Show featuring two entertainment sets and a host."

2. The News Show

In “The News Show,” the challenge is to keep the broadcast engaging enough to remain profitable. This game emphasizes the entertainment aspect of news, where your ability to captivate the audience determines the success of your show. It’s a dynamic simulation that tests your skills in balancing information with entertainment.

"Game screen from Brightside News Corp showing a news story being edited for a cheerful spin." A News Game from

3. Brightside News Corp

This game offers a unique twist by having players create the most cheerful spins on otherwise gloomy news. “Brightside News Corp” is an online multiplayer game where you can compete against friends to see who can lighten up the darkest stories. Available on various platforms, it challenges you to be both creative and optimistic under pressure.

"Pixelated news anchor reporting on the local economy with humorous dialogue options." A News Game from

4. Slow News Day

“Slow News Day” is all about handling controversial and ridiculous news stories with humor. You’re presented with one-liners and must choose the most suitable follow-ups, often limited to inappropriate remarks. It’s comedic, challenging, and perfect for those who enjoy a lighter take on the news industry.

"Pixelated news anchor on NNC News reading an urgent memorandum on a TV screen." A News Game from

5. NNC News

Dive into “NNC News,” a teleprompter simulation where you navigate through a script filled with banned words. Your task is to find these words and choose appropriate alternatives on the fly. It’s a clever insight into the censorship challenges faced by real newsrooms, offering both humor and a bit of satire.

Jackie finds these games compelling for their insightful and often humorous portrayal of the news industry. Grab one of these titles and see if you can keep up with the fast-paced world of news just like Jackie does!

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