We Interviewed Vtuber Alisae!

We interviewed Alisae all about being a Vtuber!

1. What inspired you to become a Vtuber?

I’ve pretty much always wanted to stream and vtubing appealed to me since 2020. I grew up as a theater kid for 7 years at a top school and watching youtubers do stuff so it just always appealed to me. Performing on stage (or in movies) was just never really for me, but content creation I could get behind. I didn’t ever take any action since I thought I needed a 2nd monitor to be able to read chat and it was just a big ol excuse to just not do anything. Deciding this was something I wanted to actively start doing was only a recent thing. Before that it was just active misery 24/7. It was especially hard recently. My day would consist of trying to sleep through the day as much as possible, waking up because I have to, not really having a reason to wake up, feel just misery and depression literally weigh me down like a weight while having suicidal thoughts scream in my head, and then going back to sleep. Purpose is like a fire that gets lit under your butt. To try to get through it a friend told me that I was able to make the difference in the lives of others and that got me through…that day… Then I had other friends telling me I should really try streaming again. I had the ironmouse and dr k interview pop up in my youtube recommended, I watched it and I thought to myself “ya I could probably get into this, I’m a pretty talented individual. Honestly if I applied myself I could probably go anywhere I want if I really wanted to audition for one of the big groups. After that and the same friend telling me that I was able to make the differencing telling me that I need to take it back, I made my model in under 2 hours. But I think it wasn’t until I found the person who I would probably consider to be my oshi (even though I haven’t been able to catch her streams or watch her vods), Terumi Koizumi. She calls herself a Virtual Intimacy Idol. I wasn’t ever really actually familiar with the concept of an idol, but hearing her talk about it only just a little bit, it lit a fire. Being an idol just sounded it was the direction I had to go. I say Idol because I’m not really a fan of streamer culture. The culture of “I am the entertainer, you are here to be entertained.” I like idol culture because it’s about the connection with one’s fans. Really trying to foster the relationships with your fans, change them, and better them. The rules are unique, it truly puts the fans first. But I’ve accepted these rules, even if I feel like I don’t fully grasp the rules, and will play to them. That’s more than most people who want to be vtubers will do. It’s a lot easier to just play to streamer culture, you get to tell people no, you get to tell people to fuck off. With idol culture it’s harder because the idea is to win over fans. To put them over oneself. And really I think an idol culture in the west is actually needed. Times are dark. The world is angry. The net is hostile. People live in fear. People are controlled by anxiety, depression, whatever. To be an idol you need to be empathetic. I am pretty empathetic, I always seek to try to understand the other person and how they feel. Someone needs to teach people to be strong. I want to be a hero. The way I see that, a hero is a man who knows he is free. I want to teach people who to be free. To not be in control, but to BE the control. I do not believe in God, but I feel like if there were to be a God, this is what God would tell me to do. It’s just the way and the road I choose to walk for the meantime. The ball got rolling after that and well here I am ig.

2. Tell us about your model!

I did my model under 2 hours. I basically tried to replicate this in vroid except change the hair a bit to match the look I kinda wanted to go for (a little bit of what I felt like looked like myself along with the outfit). I don’t rly have money to spend on this kind of stuff, at least I would like to try to limit the amount of spending I do as much as possible. I basically got everything I wanted out of the program, the only touch that I make for my streams and not rly on twitter is w/ streamlabs I put the model through a dramatic filter and it makes the whole thing just 10x better. I prefer simplicity over complexity. If I was younger I would probably say lean the opposite, but with age I’ve learned that less is actually more.

3.What is the best part about being a Vtuber?

The best part eh? Well it literally gets me out of bed, that’s good. I could do the same thing I did everyday but without turning on a camera, or I could turn on the camera and do the same thing I did everyday. When ya put it that way, to do something or to do nothing, there’s really 1 option you can really take.

4. What would you tell someone who wants to become a Vtuber? Any advice?

My advice would probably be to learn about Idol culture, what it is to be an idol, and to decide if one wants to actually be an idol, to make a compromise, or to not be an idol. And even if you decided to not be an idol, you gotta know how to do that and what that looks like. Also I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to wait to debut until everything is perfect but if I waited for everything to be perfect I would be in bed wanting to kill myself for wasting another day and doing nothing. To quote Hamilton If ya got skin in the game, ya stay in the game. But ya don’t get a win unless you play the game you get love for it, you get hate for it you get nothin if you wait for it. It is on us to blow the world away.

5. Goals for this year?

I never really had like “goals” especially for this year. I’m trying to get affiliate right now. I want to turn my lore into a play but I have no idea if that’s this year. I want to get a following but I have no idea if that happens this year. Really the plan is to keep workin at it, slow and steady. Keep preaching the things I believe in. Hope, Love, Peace. To act with honor, and come in peace. Anyone can get behind that, so I know if I just keep working on it eventually the efforts of my labor will bear fruit. This is like my lifeline for me, how I keep fighting the good fight and how I make my stand. So the goal is to just, keep doin that.

6. Where can people support you?

I stream @ http://twitch.tv/alisae_ either at 2 or 4pm during the day and 10pm at night. All times are in PST. I also have a discord https://discord.gg/Ffty4pXg3z

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