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We Interviewed Voice & Screen Actor Logan Raposo!

My name is Logan Raposo. I’m a SAG-E, non-binary on screen/voice actor who’s been acting professionally since 2014/15. I studied under Professor Rylan Brenner and Professor Patricia Thomas at Bristol Community College with my Theatre Degree and later I studied under my private coach Tim Hillman who was formerly a theatre professor at UCLA. I’ve accumulated roughly 300 total performer credits in my career thus far.

I started voice acting in late 2016 and I just absolutely fell in love with it. Growing up as a neurodivergent nerdy kid, I loved playing video games and watching cartoons, I still do even hahaha. It’s been amazing to even get to audition for indie video games/animations.

My main goal as an actor has and always will be to help inspire people to pursue their dreams and be their most authentic self. It brings me the most joy to help other performers/artists reach their full potential so they can live out their dreams. 

1.What inspired you to become a voice actor?

  • My love for video games and animations for sure, I always wanted to be in them. Voice Actors who inspired me are Steve Blum for sure along with my dear friends Christina Costello and Denzel Wills! 

2.Can you describe your process for preparing for a voice acting role?

  • I use my theatre training for sure, particularly my training in Stanislavski, Meisner, and Uta methods to better understand the character. I then begin to play around with character voices, and use my maladaptive daydreaming to visualize how said character would act in this scene. Once I finish that, I hydrate the day before, do some theatre vocal warm ups, and head to my booth! 

3.What has been your biggest challenge as a voice actor and how have you overcome it?

  •   It was definitely overcoming being initially stiff and nervous in front of a mic. It affected my performances and my confidence but after about a year of being in front of the mic, I felt comfortable voice acting.

4.Can you tell us about a particularly memorable project you’ve worked on and why it stands out to you?

  • It was most definitely when I got to play Red X in the feature film Nightwing Rebirth. To get to voice Red X, one of my favorite characters growing up was a dream come true for me. I had so much fun doing the suit work and the voice acting! 

5. How do you handle the pressure of performing in front of a microphone?

  • In the past I struggled a lot because I got in my own head. I truly believe my ADHD and Maladaptive daydreaming helps me the most because I just day dream and it allows me to relax. Then I can perform at my best! 

6.Can you share any advice for aspiring voice actors just starting out in the industry?

  • Please always be your most authentic self. Embrace your special interests, love your hobbies and share them with your world. For your career, practice, rehearse and audition as much as possible to really get the hang of things. You’ll be golden if you do, then you’ll be ready when opportunities come your way!

7.Can you tell us about a time when you had to adapt to a new character or voice?

  • There was one audition I did for an indie video game, it was my first time auditioning for a non-binary character since coming out. They wanted a more higher pitched voice that sounded like a young teen. I’m a low baritone and it took me a bit of practice to get up to that register and sound natural.

8. How do you stay motivated and engaged during long recording sessions?

  • I always try to audition for roles that I just find enjoyment in playing, I love watching how their stories play out and getting to bring these characters to life. I would say that passion is what keeps me going on my end. 

9.Can you tell us about an experience you had while working on a project where you had to improvise or come up with an unexpected solution?

  • Hahaha so I can’t reveal the name of the project but I got cast in this video game last year. I got the role because they said “you sounded perfect in your audition because the character is out of breath.” They didn’t realize I was legitimately out of breath and struggling some takes hahahah. So I had to do my best to imitate that to match the audition I did.

10.Can you share a funny or interesting story from your time as a voice actor?

  • So there was this audition for a character who was a clown with a brooklyn accent. I had so much fun coming up with the voice for this character. It came out like a Danny Devito impression but more gravely hahahaha.

11.Can you share your favorite voice acting moment or performance?

  • Oh Power Rangers Unworthy for sure! I play the Chrono Ranger there and the character doesn’t want to reveal his real voice or face. In episode 4 I got to not only be the suit actor but also the voice actor of the younger version of him. It was a childhood dream to voice a power ranger! 

12.Can you tell us about a voice acting project you turned down and why?

  • I’ve had to turn down a couple projects, one in particular was a project where I was playing the lead character in an animated series on YouTube. It was just too much of a commitment for me and I wouldn’t be able to balance my on screen and voice acting work.

13. How do you keep your voice in good condition for voice acting?

  • I hydrate as much as possible and drink plenty of tea. I also make sure to study what voices work for me, how long I can maintain them and to stop using voices that strain my voice.

14.Can you tell us about a time when you had to take on a role that was completely different from what you were used to?

  • Recently I was cast in a motion comic as a child with a higher pitch voice, and it’s been a fun challenge for me honestly and it really gives me a great workout as a voice actor.

15.What are your thoughts on All Ages of Geek and what can we improve on to make it a better platform?

  • I’m fairly new to you guys but I think you have a great message alone in what you present to the voice acting/nerdy community. I would love to see what you guys post about indie games because that’s a community that deserves so much love.

16.Where can people find you online?

  • People can find me on Twitter @theloganraposo and Instagram @loganraposo !   

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