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We Interviewed Voice Actor Jayce Ghoul

I’m Jayce Ghoul, a guy who loves adventure! I’m a voice actor from Tacoma, WA looking forward to the next chapter on my journey. I am a fighting game player and coach. I play the Drone in Midnight Fight Express, Enenra in Enenra, and Elias Flynn in Obsidian Archives. My website is and all my socials are @jayce_ghoul. My discord is Jayce Ghoul#3690.

1.What inspired you to become a voice actor?

I was in a discord call with friends, we did some voices over some NSFW stuff for fun and they thought I did really well and asked if I already did it. I said, “no, but I did a project years ago that never got off the ground.” They told me to go for it. So, I did!

2.Can you describe your process for preparing for a voice acting role?

Questions, questions, questions. I ask: who am I speaking to, what do I want to get across as a message or intention, and what is happening in the story. These inform me on my performance. This is before even looking at the character. If I do not have enough information, I look at the character breakdown. Shoutouts to Richard Horvitz!

3.What has been your biggest challenge as a voice actor and how have you overcome it?

Myself, each and every artist is their own critic. Separating the outcome from the process has made it infinitely more enjoyable.

4.Can you tell us about a particularly memorable project you’ve worked on and why it stands out to you?

I was being interviewed by a fan of a game I worked on, Rise of Magi, and she was happening to have the worst month of her life. Me doing the voice of the main character made all the difference. Knowing I have that impact to positively impact someone left such an impression, I will carry that for the rest of my days on this amazing adventure.

5.How do you handle the pressure of performing in front of a microphone?

Don’t think about where you are, imagine what you’re living in at that moment. All that matters is the story being told, you are the vessel. Express yourself within the story, your perspective is unique. You’re there to tell your part of the story, it doesn’t matter what the directors and others think. Have fun with it and you will reap the rewards. Immerse yourself in that world, forget about the outside world.

6.Can you share any advice for aspiring voice actors just starting out in the industry?

Research, listen to podcasts, make friends, don’t be an asshole, and be honest with people. People can tell when you’re being disingenuous. There’s one phrase that sticks with me: “it is hard to work until it isn’t”. There are ebbs and flows to this field, enjoy the process. The rewards will come in due time when you’re ready.

7.Can you tell us about a time when you had to adapt to a new character or voice?

Elias Flynn is definitely on the deeper end of my range both emotionally and audibly. I decided to tap into my Latin American roots and be a suave guy with a little bit of info up my sleeve and I imagined other suave and sly guys’ sounds and did my own version. Impressions aren’t recommended to be your entire schtick, but they can really help you create characters in a pinch if you don’t got ideas!

8.How do you stay motivated and engaged during long recording sessions?

You’re doing what you love, you won’t notice the time go by unless it’s really something you don’t like. If so, make it fun, make it silly, make fun of the work. Just like real life, enjoy the little things, it’ll make the rest easier.

9.Can you tell us about an experience you had while working on a project where you had to improvise or come up with an unexpected solution?

I did a directing session with a few people recently! I didn’t know how else to express the physicality of being knocked into a wall, so I literally flung myself at the wall on camera to give them an idea of the sound and feeling. It translated really well!

10.Can you share a funny or interesting story from your time as a voice actor?

How many times I’ve been told I sound like “X voice actor” is insane, I have a whole list. To name the most notable: Johnny Yong Bosch, Bryce Pappenbrook, Pat Pedraza, Jack DeSena, and Josh Keaton. I have the goldilocks voice for most male characters with adoring fanbases, just gotta be in the right places now!

11.Can you share your favorite voice acting moment or performance?

My Midnight Fight Express audition or the Johnny audition from Tyrant. Those are the most unapologetically me auditions I’ve done. You’ll find that the roles you book, are hyperbolic extensions of you and your experiences/personality. Getting to be me is the best part about this work.

12.Can you tell us about a voice acting project you turned down and why?

A lot of narration work that pays on the lower end you’ll have to turn down due amount of time it takes for the little pay you get, unfortunately.

13.Can you tell us about a time when you had to take on a role that was completely different from what you were used to?

I did a role that was completely outside of what I expected and it was for a fan project to help a friend practice, it teaches you what you’re capable of comfortably versus uncomfortable. It is definitely a teaching moment as to what I can do, but it’s not something I’ll do often.

14.What are your thoughts on All Ages of Geek and I what can we improve on to make it a better platform?

I was messaged today about the organization, I recommend having a discord or a forum for fans of the platform to discuss and hangout in real time. Do events to connect with them. People love being a part of something bigger than themselves, I would definitely love to help out that way!

15.Where can people find you online?

I am on twitter @jayce_ghoul and discord on Jayce Ghoul#3690. Feel free to message me! If anyone has other questions, I’d be more than happy to answer! Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story, hopefully it has helped others on their own journey. Have a wonderful day!

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