All Ages of Geek Discord Open in September

Calling all geeks! All Ages of Geek is gearing up to open our Discord server to the public. Our server at the moment is open to patrons. Come September 2021 certain sections will host a safe place for all geeks.

What can free users expect in the Discord?

Our server will be integrated into our website for easier communication for website users. Our goal is to re-connect with our YouTube and other social platform audience, while giving them a safe space to interact in.

The server is run and hosted by Matt Turiano, our community manager and our All Ages of Geek Moderators. Free users can expect very similar interaction from the AAOG Crew and community. In the public channels they can expect Discord-Only perks and benefits, live updates/feed, and so much more.

What can Patrons expect?

Patrons who have been part of the two year Geek Movement project will get the same benefits they have now. Weekly events and exclusive channels. Nothing changes for our most loyal members and in the future there will be more perks coming up for our patrons who have been here since the beginning.

Reconnecting with Audiences New and Old

Before All Ages of Geek re-branded we hosted the Miscat Squad server, focused on gaming and gamers. One goal is to reconnect with users who were there with us from the beginning. Let’s Plays will be returning to the All Ages of Geek channel come 2022. Gaming is a huge part of our origin story. We hope to share this journey with audiences new and old, and with everyone.

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