About All Ages of Geek

All Ages of Geek, LLC. is a production, entertainment and streaming service that focuses on geek culture content. Webisodic entertainment in the form of a monthly subscription service is the front-line product of All Ages of Geek, LLC. This service includes Early Access and Behind the Scenes to original video series, talk shows, on the go and remote interviews, podcasts and gives subscribers special access to beta projects. The interactive approach All Ages of Geek, LLC. includes in its subscription service also includes a number of weekly voice chat events with an audience. All Ages of Geek, LLC. also provides production services for convention coverage, event filming, advertisement production and all forms of multimedia.

Reach out to us via our Contact Page if you are interested in working with us. Learn more about us below. And embrace your inner fangirl, fanboy and fan person every, single day!

* All Ages of Geek, LLC works alongside independent contract workers giving them the freedom to create and build the brand. Those with a * next to their names are under contract.

All Ages of Geek Crew

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Katya Stec

President & Show Runner

Katya Stec is the President of All Ages of Geek, LLC. and host of several All Ages of Geek productions.

tat team

Tatiana Stec

Co-Founder & Creative Director *

Tatiana Stec is the recruiter and photographer of All Ages of Geek, LLC. She manages the internship and educational parts of the brand, while hosting an All Ages of Geek series dedicated to mental health and lifestyle tips. Tatiana is a graduate from Kean University.


Matt Turiano

Community Manager

Matt manages the AAOG community and assists with social events, livestreams and is an upcoming host of several All Ages of Geek projects including a podcast.
dalia aaog

Dalia “Lia” Abdelwahab

Audio Producer/Editor and Host

Dalia “Lia” Abdelwahab is an Egyptian-American geek- and journalist-in-the-making who is passionate about video games, egalitarianism, and egalitarianism in video games. Although she is new to the geek scene, she feels welcomed in that world to a certain extent.

Alex Gray

Social Media and Producer of Mod Squad

I’m a geek through and through from way back when it wasn’t cool to be one, though I still thought it was. I dance in my spare time, stream games on twitch and post videos of both on YouTube so feel free to say “Hi” in either the dance vids or the gaming ones. My favorite gaming series is Kingdom Hearts which I started playing when it first came out on the PS2. I enjoy a good anime with a compelling story and love to hang out with all the geeks in the academy.


Marc Zapata

Brand Artist *

Marc is All Ages of Geek’s Brand Artist responsible for the majority of art found on All Ages of Geek. Marc is an upcoming host of All Ages of Art an art/creative related podcast. He is also known for creating art for all ages (kids to adults) in a range of picture books, comics and fan art.
Rohil Recent Headshot

Rohil Aniruth

Host of Indie Game Feels and Writer *

Rohil Aniruth is a writer and multi-dimensional digital artist, covering the intersections of entertainment & identity. His work is published in Hyperallergic, The Huffington Post, CollegeHumor and featured in HYPEBEAST & The New York Times. He’s worked professionally as a narrative designer for video game franchises with 30-Million+ downloads on the App Store & Apple Arcade. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Rohil currently resides in New York, where he received his BFA in Design & Technology from Parsons School of Design.
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Ali Raza Malik

Digital Marketer

I am a digital marketer and my job is to plan and overlook all the marketing strategies that take place online and to make sure that every marketing campaign is run smoothly throughout. I report the performance of the digital marketing campaigns that occur. I am an SEO specialist as well which means that my job includes optimizing in order to ensure a good user experience and generate an encouraging audience.

Harumi Hand


Hi! I’m Harumi. I’m so happy to be a translator for All Ages of Geek. I am a Japanese native and love my own culture and language. I teach Japanese professionally and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm of Japanese art and culture. I’m also a pianist and a music lover.

Meet All Ages of Geek's Hosts



Hey fellow geeks, I am Jed, one of the moderators for AAOG Academy. Currently splitting my time between giving what I can to the community of AAOG and getting my degree in Law from university. I evolved from a simple deskman to now one of the moderators. If you need music recommendations, hit me up and I'll have a comprehensive list of music for you to check out. A British geek that has no sleeping schedule you can catch me around at all times of the day honestly. Thank you for stopping by and deciding to be a part of this amazing community.


Mufsin Mahbub

Mufsin Mahbub is a writer who has covered the entertainment circuit. His work can be found on sites like Huff Post, Heavy.com, and Comic Book Resources. Growing up in New York, he is a big gamer and into anime as well as binging the latest TV obsessions. He is also into making and producing video content talking about the latest movies and biggest storylines in comic books, which he does on his podcast The Nerd Blast.


Selena François

Hiya! I'm Selena, Nice t'meetcha! I'm a proud Hufflepuff who's a total nerd for all things movies, TV, animation, music, and musical theatre! In my spare time I knit scarves and make comics on WebToons! There are so many more things you can learn about me by checking out my fellow AAOG teammates' podcasts and interviews! Leave a comment, say "hi", and someone may reply! 💚 *Also, my favorite color is green!

William Allison

I am William Allison. A fan of animation, books, and video games. I like to believe that we can learn a lot from these forms of media and geek culture.


Lars van Breems

Lava, otherwise known as Lars van Breems, is a host for All Ages of Geek as well as one of the resident Dungeon Masters for the All Ages of Geek Discord server. Lava (as he’s preferred to be known since ‘it’s cooler’) studied wildlife biology at Unity College before dropping out to raise a family with his wife. They have a son named Benjamin

felix all ages of geek


Hello, My name is Felix! You could see me putting around on the discord as Felixthebard, or Felixtheguardian, but feel free to shorten that up. You’ll most likely notice me sneaking my way onto the No Game No Life reactions but you can also find me chatting it up with Lava on the random rolls podcast. I’m told I’m a pretty nice guy, and I have a genuine love for all things RPG, so if you ever need a hand with any of the new ones coming out, I’ve probably beaten them already. Thanks for stopping by AAOG and checking us out!


Kai McRae

Hello I am Kai McRae, I am a member of the Dice Sesh team for All Ages of Geek. I am nonbinary go by (they/them pronouns). In our current campaign Theros. I play Jude the dorky anvilwrought wizard. Though they don't have a gender they can be referred to as male. I also help with promoting Dice Sesh and making Katya laugh on Twitter! I watch cartoon and anime shows in my spare time. Game, write stories, and practice drawing/painting. Whenever I am not working my butt off to make rent money. I live with my lovely girlfriend and her dog Scooby, and our problem child, the kitten, Blake Belladonna. Follow me at the twitter handle @FilmGeekGoddess, and I go by GeekGoddess2.0 on Discord.

Susan van Breems

Hi everyone! I'm Susan Van Breems, and this redheaded little rascal is my son Ben. I love anime, videogames, sci-fi and fantasy, and other such geeky goodness! I play the human rogue Eva on our D&D podcast Dice Sesh!


Sam Fletcher

Sam Fletcher writes fiction and nonfiction on things that catch his attention. He keeps up on all things superhero (in the word’s broadest sense). Read more at fletcherstories.com & @fletcherstories on social media.

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Sean Velasquez

Sean Velasquez grew up in La Porte Texas having a love for art he began to draw at a young age. Over time he would build a love for martial arts and combat. Seeing this and many others as an opportunity to explore new art in writing possibilities


Matt (The Miniatures Apothecary)

40k and Horus Heresy enthusiast, advocate for positive mental health. Host of The Voxhammer Podcast.

Tracy Preston

This is Tracy but can you call me CuriousCat-13. I’m an awkward pansexual with a huge passion for writing; I’m still learning, so keep your expectations at a moderate level. I do cosplay and occasionally attend conventions (so I’ll be sure to share some fun pictures). And don’t tell anybody, but I have a super, mega sweet tooth (remember, this is top-secret information). I eagerly and sincerely look forward to writing articles (and anything else) for the All Ages of Geek community.


Zac Elliot​

Hey there! I'm Zac Elliott! I'm a Voice Actor, Director, Producer, Editor, Graphic Designer, and general Zac of All Trades! I've been doing this work for 10+ years, but have been a creator my whole life! With a BS in Cinematic Arts and proficiency in Adobe editing softwares! I like to give everyday my best and even more than the day before! Each day that passes is a day to grow and learn!


Erik Scott Kimerer

Erik Scott Kimerer is the host of the geek culture podcast Pop Filter that features discussions about otaku topics, voice acting, interviews and reviews. He's an American voice actor who has provided voices for the English dubs of Japanese anime and video games. Some of his major voice roles include Ryuji Takasu in Toradora!, Biscuit Griffon in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Alibaba Saluja in the Magi series, Hydra Knell in Blood Lad, Speed o' Sound Sonic in One-Punch Man, Teruki Hanazawa in Mob Psycho 100, Ayato Amagiri in The Asterisk War, and Haruyuki Arita in Accel World.

Meet All Ages of Geek's Writers

Andrew R. Nicholas

Andrew R. Nicholas is a writer and historian living in North Florida near Jacksonville. Since graduating from University of North Florida with a BA in History he has went on to write history books for Arcadia Publishing. Andrew was also a previous resident of Upstate South Carolina where he graduated from Anderson University with an MBA as well as adopting a dog so that his two cats can be protected from the evils of the outside world but mostly so they have a younger sister to play with. Since first starting out with a Sega Genesis in 1994, Andrew has been seen throughout the years playing Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Legend of Zelda, Halo, with a random cat he saw down the street or just watching anime.


Joel Tapia

Joel Tapia is a student at Arizona State University, where he is getting his bachelor’s degree in both Literature and Film and Media Studies. He loves all different kinds of movies, television, and video games. In particular, he is a lover of anything comic book related, growing up watching all the latest superhero movies and television shows.


Ernie Kim

itsthego (Ernie) is currently a Twitch Streamer (itsthego)/aspiring content creator (youtube: itsthego). After growing up in New Jersey his entire life, he made the move out to Los Angeles to further his career in content creating. In his spare when he's not streaming, you can find him either watching anime, editing youtube videos or just lounging around on his bed.

Angela Zwolinski

Angela Zwolinski is a contributing writer for All Ages Of Geek. Her geekdom started young when she discovered Kingdom Hearts and Sailor Moon after secretly staying up late with her sister. She met her husband in high school, and he opened her world to different anime and comics. Now, she reads indy comics on apps like Webtoon and Webcomics, and streams anime every weekend. She loves to write her geeky passions in articles and publishing her amateur fantasy novels, putting her Mass Communication degree to use on AAOG. Her and her husband have already shared the geek gene with their kids with Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and Mario games. She looks forward to writing and sharing her experiences with the All Ages of Geek Community.

All Ages of Geek Community Contributors


Hey everyone, this is Chase, one of the moderators for All Ages of Geek Academy. As of now, my current goal in life is trying to obtain an associates degree in Medical Lab Tech. Outside of school and work, I like to spend my free time watching anime (preferably Shonen like Naruto and One Piece). I also enjoy playing video games, especially Red Dead Redemption 2 and Overwatch. As for music, I usually listen to heavy and thrash metal bands; usually Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, etc. I’ve also recently started listening to anime OPs/EDs.


Hi my name's Jack Pulham aka British Mumsy. I love Anime like Black Clover and Naruto just to name a few. My passion is Dinosaurs so if you want any facts I’m your guy. When it comes to video games I have dabbled in a range of different genres. But I really had fun playing the Batman series and Spiderman. At the moment I am looking forward to Little Devil Inside coming to the PS5. The trailer looked so great I can’t wait to play it. Currently I have been playing DND and trying my hand at being a dungeon master. I feel like it is going well but just ask my players. I am so blessed to be a mod of All Ages of Geek and hope you guys enjoy being a part of this crazy community.



The best way to describe Dalin is that he is positive, kind, and a humble guardian. Being a ex soldier, a survivalist, and a martial artist for half his life, he is driven by a sense of purpose and a desire to keep people safe. He's also an avid lover of all things anime, comic, and cosplay.

Diovanny Santiago

Heyo, I'm Diovanny, but y'all can call me Dio. If you know me within the community or on the internet, I'm known as lightwarrior13. I'm a 20 year old knucklehead from The Bronx who loves gaming both modern and retro as well as a Vaporwave enthusiast, musician, aesthetic clothing lover, an aspiring music producer, Twitch streamer, ex-YouTuber and I'm an intern and article writer for AAOG. Hope y'all enjoy the fun creativity, nostalgia and positivity on All Ages Of Geek. Welp, I've got more articles to work on. Peace!

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