Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 – An Underrated Masterpiece

(The following piece contains spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!) When most people think about the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise, they usually think about Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, which is one of the most famous anime in existence. What they usually overlook, sadly, is that Brotherhood has an older brother (no pun intended) which is simply titled Fullmetal […]

We Interviewed Author John Turiano

All Ages of Geek JOHN TURIANO

1.What inspired you to be a writer?  I always had write a book on my bucket list. Did some writing but finally got a chance to put it all together after retirement. I found it to be the hardest thing I have done. Then I found out the editing and marketing was even harder. 2. […]

All Ages of Geek Discord Open in September

Calling all geeks! All Ages of Geek is gearing up to open our Discord server to the public. Our server at the moment is open to patrons. Come September 2021 certain sections will host a safe place for all geeks. What can free users expect in the Discord? Our server will be integrated into our […]

Be Gay, Do Crime! Theros pt. 21 | Dice Sesh Ep 26

Oh, yeah. It’s all coming together. As Spyro heads off to run interference in the streets and Aslan keeps watch over their weapons, the rest of the group heads off to meet with Hero, the uncle of Cadmus, who according to Phenax is in possession of the book Jude has been looking for. Will they […]